Deep Waters (Chapter 29)

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Quote."Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you drown."
(Sorry, had to.)

Khione walked in as Pontus disappeared in a puddle of water. It was odd seeing someone like Khione in a dark, dirty cavern like this. It clicked in my mind as I realized Khione must have gave Pontus some control of her domains, so Pontus could manipulate ice as much as water. This will be tough.

"Hello there, son of Poseiden." She said, dangerously close to me. She was way too close for comfort, almost whispering in my ear. Also why does everyone call me "Son of Poseiden"?

"Uh, hello." I mentally facepalmed at my response.

She gave me a suggestive smirk. Oh, so this is how it's gonna go. Why fates? Why?

Suddenly I felt my clothes harden. I looked down to see my shirt completely frozen, but it was normal ice, not the one Pontus used. I think I can overpower her ice power, but I shouldn't show I can do that yet, and I guess Pontus being a primordial makes his ice exponentially more potent.

I let my shirt turn to ice, surprisingly,  it wasn't very cold. My skin didn't even change color, still tan, not pale or red.

"Why did you freeze my sh-" I said, but Khione punched my chest, making my shirt shatter into ice shards that fell to the ground, exposing my shirtless body.

Oh Hades no.

"What are you doing!?" I exclaimed like a madman. I prefer torture for Zeus's sake!

"Just studying a specimen." She stated like it was normal as she examined my body, making me feel extremely uncomfortable. Her light blue eyes stared into my very soul, like the Hesperides. Unlike Pontus's deep blue eyes, Khione had sky-blue eyes.

Her hand reached out and her slender fingers ran along my abs, making me inwardly shiver in disgust. Her hands were cold, but not enough to a point where it was really cold. She saw a few of my scars I got from Tartarus and made a tsk tsk tsk noise by clicking her toungue. Now she really freaked me out. I squirmed as the chains held me.

After a minute of the most awkward moment of my life, she stopped and went to my head. She was neck and neck to my head and she whispered in my ear softly, yet sharp as ice.

"I would love to spend some time with a certain son of Poseiden." She whispered, stretching the L-word. I wanted to hurl at this point, while Khione was actually quite pretty, if her attitude was a person, it would look like the Minotaur.

"And I would love to be out of these chains." I said sarcastically.  I was trying to anger her, so she would leave, because seriously, who would want to stay in this position?

To my surprise, she smirked. "Always with the jokes. Charming."

I sighed on the inside. Great job Percy!

There was no way out of my chains. Whatever these were made out of, I even tried to melt them with Aqautic fire, and it still didn't melt. If that didn't work, nothing I had would. I tried to shapeshift into another form, these chains prevented transformation.  (If you are curious as to why Percy wouldn't just teleport Khione to somewhere else is because it wouldn't be fair. Remember how Percy never uses his ability to control the water inside people to make them do whatever he wants? Same concept, only using it if on brink of death.)

Khione saw me struggle a bit.

"Curious? That is the strongest metal Pontus had to offer, which he stole directly from Lord Chaos himself, as well as...." She said, but covered her mouth as she let something slip. She silently cursed herself, but regained her posture instantly.

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