The Hunt's End (Chapter 27)

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Quote: "Questions lead to answers, and answers lead to more questions."

I woke up back at the infirmary,  quickly realizing what happened. I was filled with sadness. Thalia was dead because of me. One of the people who stuck by me was gone, just like the others. Tears fell from my eyes as I lost another person I cared about.

Why are the fates so cruel?

Why must they take everything from me?

I was still wearing the clothes from yesterday, so I summoned a new, clean set of clothes on my body. I laid on the infirmary bed in despair. If only I could see them again. The people who I failed.

I will never forget Thalia's lifeless expression, an expression I have seen too many times. I closed my eyes to rest until...

"Kelp Head!" I heard a voice near me. Am I going insane?

"Percy!" I heard it again. It was Thalia's voice. Oh gods, I've went insane. I shook uncomfortably on the bed, shivering and sobbing.

Until I felt a hand shaking me by my shoulders. My eyes opened and I saw.....Thalia.

"T-Thalia?" I stuttered.  Maybe I was insane.

"Percy! Its alright, I'm fine, now get up." She said.

I got up and saw Thalia. She was in perfect condition, much better than yesterday. Tears flowed freely from my eyes.

"I-i don't..know what's real...anymore." I mumbled in despair.

Thalia's face dropped and she saw my pain. She gave me a hug, a big one. She hugged me tightly, comforting me. I didn't even know if she was real, but I accepted it. We embraced for a few minutes, and she gave me a tissue.

"Percy, its alright. You did fine, now quit crying, you're gonna make me cry too." She smiled.

My bloodshed eyes were in disbelief. Last night I failed, I was certain.

"I-i failed're not real." I whispered. I was losing it.

She sighed as she put a hand on my shoulder. "Don't believe that for a second. I will get Apollo to come help." She said and Apollo flashed in, as well as Artemis too. Both had stoic expressions.

"Percy, I, uh, have some explanations you may want." Apollo said.

I nodded.

"Well, did you happen to see your healing become multi-colored?" He asked seriously.

"Yeah, why? What does it mean?" I asked glumly.

He scratched his chin. "It means you have unlocked Necromancy. "


"It is the highest form of healing.  I can barely do it myself. What it does is that it heals a person from the verge of death. Her string was almost cut, but you repaired the bond. However, it can only be done once in several years." He informed me, with a straight face.

I sucked in this information. "So I'm not insane? And Thalia is really still alive, standing there with Artemis?" I said hopefully.

"Yes Percy, you are not insane and Thalia is standing right there next to Artemis. Also, just to let you know, I am deeply sorry that I could not have arrived yesterday. Zeus sent me on an errand and y'know how he is. Plus, I doubt I could have done anything." He said plainly.

My face brightened up. Thalia ran up to me and hugged me in a tight bear hug.

"I thought you died." I said.

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