The Hunters of Artemis (Chapter 23)

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Quote:"There is a fine line between a joke, and a crime. Once you cross that road, you deal with the consequences. "

I make it just in time. Whew, close call.

I see Artemis and basically every hunter all gathered at the campfire. They all seem to be in a really bad mood, this will be tough, to say the least. Every hunter wears standard animal skin clothing, as well as a silver pendent, and other silver accessories. Almost all of them have a quiver, as well as a bow. Some have daggers on their waists, and each are prepared for almost anything. Usually on their free time, Thalia told me they were allowed to wear casual clothing.

I decided to warp near the mass of hunters, I don't warp close since they don't know me yet, so I may as well put up a sign that says "shoot me".

"Hi Artemis." I mentally facepalm at my choice of words.

The hunters all gasp and stare at me with distaste. Artemis comes up to me and greets me.

"Girls, this will be our guardian until Gration and Python are sent back to Tartarus. And please do not anger him, because he happens to be a very influential person." Artemis announces to the hunters.

"We don't need help from males we can handle ourselves! He would only try to flirt and claim all the glory for himself!" Pheobe shouted, glaring at me. The Hunters slowly agreed with her as well.

"I have sworn an oath to never flirt or have an affair with any of you. I know each of you are capable of defending yourselves very well, but Gration and Python have arrived when Olympus is still recovering from Doomsday. I will treat each of you as equals, but I only ask for the same in return." I stated calmly.

"How dare you enter our camp, and taint it with your foul presence? You even demand from us? You are like all other men, pigs!" Atalanta screamed at the top of her lungs.

"There are bad men in this world, but there are good ones as well. Same rule applies to women, especially the one who broke my heart long ago." I said solemly.

Artemis nodded in sympathy, and Thalia gasped as she figured out who I was. She recognized my voice and attitude I guess.

"A woman cannot break a man's heart! That is impossible, you are lying to us!" A younger hunter exclaimed angrily.

"You don't believe me? Think about Medusa, who would trick men into falling for her, just to turn them into stone. Think of every empousa you have ever seen, who all wish to trick mortals and demigods alike into falling for them, only to devour them." I replied.

Artemis started to glare at me for some reason.

"Both of those are monsters! Monsters are just as bad as men!" Retorted someone in the crowd.

I sigh in frustration, I mean, I probably should have expected this, since they are literally taught that all men are bad from the second they joined the hunt. I bet some of them have been here since BC times.

"Look, I am here to help each of you live. If any of you ever see me flirt or do anything of that sort of manner, you may tell Lady Artemis and she will have me removed as Guardian. Simple as that." I reason.

"We don't need a male guardian! You are probably weaker than our youngest hunters!" Pheobe shouted.

"I am the guy who lives over there." I point in the direction where my house is.

Pheobe gasps, remembering the barrier incident. She glares at me, and the other hunters look surprised. Pheobe was one of the oldest Hunters, and whatever made her gasp must mean she knew that I was extremely strong.

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