The Return

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(Guess Who's Back! So after a LONG hiatus, I finally got back to WP. I don't know whether to finish this story, or move on, so if this gets enough people reading, I'll try to finish the book for good. Just so it's clear, this is a year after I dropped this, so I may be rusty in my PJ knowledge.)

Quote: "You will never truly know another person, even if you think you do."

I wonder if there is another world where everything was different. 

Where I wasn't a demigod, a person of unleveled proportions. Where me and my friends were your average teenagers that would play and work normal jobs with no monsters or gods. Maybe the gods would have been our parents, and maybe Jack and I would be friends.

A world where I didn't have such crazy, and unbelievable powers.

Maybe I'd still be with Annabeth.

What crazy thoughts I had been dreaming of, but it was worth the thought. 

It was mind-numbing to think about all I have gone and done with the people around me. It brought a smile to my face thinking about all the great people I've met, even the people who didn't like me at all when we met.

Well, it's not worth living in the past, only to work forward, to the future and beyond.

I yawned as I put on a large orange camp shirt and jeans, pretty casual for today. I was feeling a bit pumped since Calypso had been freed, and there was still much to do. 

With all my strength, I was basically the model employee of camp, and I wanted to teach the next generation of heroes to step up and become greater than us, the seven.

Man, I really had grown up since, but I guess Tartarus does that to a guy.

I was working with Chiron on teaching some of Athena's kids some tips of tactics and teaching. I didn't understand the stuff much personally, but I think I appeased Chiron with what I knew.

I also helped with lunch with the campers, generally hanging out with my old friends while I was at it. We played a few games and messed around like old times, despite we were more mature and grown since them.

We sparred, with Jason challenging me to a friendly competition with Frank and Leo, with all three of them against me because then it would be fair. It was fine and dandy, and it was a very close fight.

I mean it was a very, very close fight.

And by that, I mean it was over in the first 10 seconds.

Piper made a bet to see if her charmspeak could convince me to kiss a tree, but I didn't succumb to her trick, but I would admit, she was really good at doing charmspeak.

Eventually, I turned my powers to lower and simmer down, so I could be around my friends and pretend I wasn't all-powerful. I think it made everyone a bit more comfortable and calm, so we had a great time.

I think it was because we all knew of the looming threat of Pontus was soon to come, and we were just laughing at the impending battle, to keep in high spirits. It was a bit eerie, because there was a lack of distress in our heads when it came to Pontus. While the primordial posed a large issue, we had grown plenty since Gaea. 

Honestly, I wasn't sure if we're just cocky or something else, but I felt as though this war would be a lot easier than the last one.

Currently, I was helping some of the campers. With all the commotion lately, I hadn't had much time to introduce myself to the newbies. I wanted to help them, like Luke had helped me a long time ago, except without the whole stabby stabby in the backy backy thing. 

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