The Lost and Found (Chapter 7)

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Quote: "What is lost can always be found."

So.....a century in Tartarus. I dont know whether to celebrate or sleep. After Zoë died, I trained non-stop, maximizing my potential. Whenever I trained or thought about her, I would always remember her, laughing,  smiling, and I look at my mark of her on my shoulder. I swear, the mark moves sometimes, its creepy, but I feel better knowing Zoë is always with me.

I dont often keep track of time, but usually the Time-Spirits, servants of Kronos, always tell me how long I have been here. I live alone, usually I just farm, eat, and sleep. Its boring, but it satisfies me. I still live in the hut, but now it is a full on mansion at this point. I built and upgraded everything, although it is lonely for one man to occupy this whole house. I eventually domesticated Drakons, like farm animals, it was difficult, but it is practically unlimited meat.

I still venture out of the swamps, heading further and further. Monsters fear me at this point, I killed many Titans over the years such as Perses, Krios, and Oceanus. Each time I defeat a Titan, my Titan power increases. I still train, and at this point, I am part mortal, part god, and part titan.

I explored so much of Tartarus, I made a large map, showing the different areas. I found factions of monsters, the King of Hellhounds ruled his area, Porphyrion ruled over the giants, and you get the point. I have defeated most of them, since I heard they were going to get out of Tartarus soon. I faded most of them, scattering their armies sing-handedly.

I heard of a rumor, a portal that leads out of Tartarus, at first, I thought it was fake, until I encountered some powerful monsters trying to search for it. I decided not to search for it, I mean, some monsters search for it and never return. It is probably some trap, and Chaos did say I was getting out soon anyways hopefully.

I get bored extremely easily, not much to do since Zoë left. I only worked, trained, ate most of the time. I decided to start meditating. It was boring at first, but I started to become calm. I learned that keeping all the chaos and hatred inside was bad, and meditating helped keep me calm and relaxed. I eventually mastered all my powers, my blessings have been maximized, and I was stronger than Kronos as a Titan. After a while, I learned to live with myself. Maybe Tartarus wasn't so bad, other than the obvious things. It was calm, and I lived in a nice house, and I wondered if Damasean was satisfied like this.

At Mt. Olympus

The gods all stood at the council room. They had found an old script that shows a way to bring a person back from Tartarus, but it took the power of all the Olympians, and could only be used every few millenia.

"I cast the enchantment of return, bring us Perseus Jackson back into our world." The gods chanted. This was the first time this spell had ever been used in several millenia.

As the chanting grew, a hole opened up inside the ground. A hole of darkness, and a man rose from he hole panting.

In Tartarus

So here I was minding my own buissness, I was about to venture out of the hut again, until I felt my body grabbed and it pulled me into a hole. I tried to slash at whatever was there, but I was alone in there. I could feel my body fly up, and I suddenly felt my whole being ripped apart. It was like having a dip in the river Styx again. I screamed as I was flung up, and all I see is light.

I started panting, the pain stopped, I could feel my tattered clothes, revealing my scars I had gathered over the years. I open my eyes and I see a sight I never wanted to see again. All the gods staring at me, in shock.

"Are you Perseus Jackson?" Asked Zeus.

"I no longer answer to you." I spat.

The gods were stunned at my cold voice. They could see that I have severely changed, I stood at 6'3, and was completely more experienced.

"Perseus Jackson, we would like to.....apologize for our actons. We have executed a spell to bring you back, we need you to fight a new threat." Zeus stated

I gave a cold laugh "Apologize?  You think I would help you, after what you did to me? I repeat my last words. "I no longer serve Olympus"

The gods sighed, expecting this until Athena shouted. "You have to fight for us, have 2 years in Tartarus already made you a weakling? "

I glared at her hard, making her shocked at my flaming blue eyes. "No, it has not Athena, you cannot force me, and you it has been far longer than a mere 2 years for me."

Ares spoke up "So what, punk?  You too afraid?"

"Ares, as ignorant as ever, I am no longer afraid of any of you. You all lost my trust except the 6 gods who have tried to help me. So no, I am not afraid, I will just not help Olympus again" I spoke.

Zeus blew a casket "You dare defy a king? Foolish demigod, we shall cast you back into the pit!"

"No you will not Zeus, I have the power to destroy all of you, but I will not because I am not like you." I glared.

Hestia walked up to me and studied me, before giving me a huge bear hug.

"How long were you in there? You look like you were in there much longer than 2 years." She asked.

"Time is different in tartarus. 2 years was a full century down there" I spoke sadly.

I saw the gods raise an eyebrow. 2 years was bad, but 100 years in Tartarus? No way.

I see the look of disbelief of Athena's face, and before she argues I speak. "You still think I am lying? Look into my memories,  I give all of you my permission"

The gods nodded as they looked through my memories, and what they saw horrified them. They saw the 100 years stuck in hell, how I found Zoë, how I loved her, and how because they cursed me, she died without me. Artemis looked in shame because she agreed to this.  They all saw me become part Titan and how powerful I had become after fading all the Titans.

Poseiden started "Son, we all regret what we have did in the past, but we do need you in this war."

I snarl "I am not your son. You sent me down there, you deal with the consequences. I will not fight with you, but I will not fight against you. I am neutral this time"

Zeus shouted "You are a Titan! You shall die, enemy of Olympus." He grabbed his masterbolt, and was about to throw it at me when I stopped him.

"I am not your enemy, but I am not your friend. I shall aid the gods in this war because I still respect some of you. Yes, I am part titan,  but I got it from killing a Titan. I will not be against you in this war unless you give me a reason to. I swear this on the styx." Thunder boomed in the distance.

Zeus sighed "Fine, but I must ask you to help Camp-Half Blood. It is in very bad condition, Annabeth and Jack both rule camp with an iron fist. They are ruining the camp, but we cannot stop it due to the ancient laws. Chiron is having trouble dealing with the campers,  and I fear he may leave soon. I need you to correct this, since Camp Jupiter and the Hunters both despise the Camp now."

"Very well. I will help, to help Chiron. Must be worse than Tartarus over there" I say I as flash out. I make it to Camp Half blood,  where I see camp. It looks really different. Jack and Annabeth's markings are all over the wall. Apparently Jack was made a minor god.

This is going to be really difficult.

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