Home, Stupid Home (Chapter 10)

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Quote: "Time changes people in ways that make them unrecognizable"


I wake up suddenly to the sound of a loud thud in the kitchen. I rush down there and I see a broken plate and Blackjack failing at hiding. I sigh as I snap my fingers and the plate reforms back onto the counter. Blackjack sighs in relief. He really likes my new powers.

I head outside, collecting some Moonlaces that have grown overnight. Usually it takes moonlaces several weeks to grow, but since I helped the Nymphs, they help tend to the flowers while I am out. I dont know what they do, but it works a lot. I start the construction of a stable, well its a room where Blackjack will be in. Blackjack told me Mrs. O'Leary may stay as well, so I will need to build a section for her too.

I set up a huge area right next to my house, its smaller than my house, but is still pretty large. Inside contains several sections of rooms. One for eating, playing, entertaining, training, and sleeping. I left some giant biscuits for Mrs.O'Leary and a crate of apples for Blackjack. This project did not take too long. It was early afternoon, still had plenty of time to see them.

I sit in Zoë's old chair, desperately thinking what I should do there. God/Chaos help me. I really wanted to strangle each of them, but I had to protect them. Should I even be helping the gods? What good has it done me? Well I gotta keep fighting. Its what Mom, Paul, an Zoë would want.

I relax in the chair for a few moments. Admiring the peace and quiet. I watch a little TV I got from the nymphs. They "aquired" it from some mortal campers who littered. They wanted to repay me for bringing the moonlaces and several other plants. Using some of Hepheastus"s blessing, I rigged it to Olympus TV.

After some me time, I started to set out to Camp Half blood. I pack up with some nectar and ambrosia again. No Nemean Lion furs this time, at least not until they prove themselves. I bring a few Axes incase I see some friendly faces. I finish packing and start walking out my door whn I hear Blackjack.

"Dont forget to kick their butts, especially your ex!"

I smile at that. So I decided to bring Bane and Riptide, as well as my cloak. This one will NOT be like Thalia or the Roman heroes. This is going to suck. I breathe in and calmly making my way. Due to Camp's heavily enchanted borders, I cannot fire warp. Camp Jupiter has a barrier, but is not as strong because they also rely on guards.

I start walking to the place I once called home. Hopefully Chiron is still there, I can only imagine what taking orders from Jack can be like. I probably should find Chiron first, since he will definitely help me. The old centaur always knew what to do.

I start to see the barrier, but the camp is another story. The camp looks like......a monarchy. Wooden walls are built, covered in banners of Tridents and Red drapes. Poseiden and Athena, Jack and Annabeth. It looks like a small castle. They werent lying when they said it was a dictatorship. I step through the barrier and make my way to Chiron's office. People stare at me, they dont know who I am, yet I passed the barrier. I almost made it to the the office when I hear a voice. I grit my teeth. So much for plan A.

"Who are you?" Asked Jack

"Someone who you don't want to mess with, now get out, I have buissness to attend to." I state coldly.

Jack's face shook with anger. "You dare speak with a god like that?"

"Yes I do. You don't scare me." I smirk

a small crowd had gathered to see what was happening. I guess it was rare to see someone stand up against Jack.

"You have no idea who you are messing with, idiot" Jack sneers at me.

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