Hopes And Dreams (Chapter 16)

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Quote: "If you truly believe in something, you can do it" (unless it's flying)


My head pounds as I wake up. I look around quickly and see....trees.

I stand up and look at my surroundings.  Trees, dirt, etc. Earth? I was dead, why am I back? I was in the same spot where I had "died". I somehow reformed, even though that was impossible. I begin to question my sanity when a portal opens infront of me.

Lady Chaos appears very urgently. She waves her hand and suddenly the world turns white, and I am standing on nothing.

"Dont worry, this is the astral plane, no time is passing and you wont fall. This is a private area to speak, and I have a few things that need to be cleared up." She says.

"I have a few questions myself. I dont even know what happened either." I say.

She sighs. "I saw it. It was amazing too. You managed to make Order rest for a long time. Let me explain. Order wanted Law to capture Artemis and Thalia to make you devoid of hope. He knew your story, and that you were most likely the biggest threat to his plan. However, kidnapping your friends only made you more determined, more hopeful. Your hope was so strong, when you grabbed Order, it was as if your hands were made of fire. This is what nobody knows. Beings as powerful as us cannot be killed by weapons, but by influences. You have accomplished the biggest feat of all to beat one of us. But the battle is not over, when Order died, his power scattered.  It brought you back to Earth, but also blessed every monster on Earth as well. Artemis and Thalia have also been teleported to Olympus, since I guess you wished for their safety too." She machine gunned out.

"There is almost no chance for survival for Olympus. The demigods will not win. Even with you, the tides are still in their favor. The timeline is unstable. Order used all his power to insure his win, even if he has to reform much longer. This future is doomed unless we win, somehow. However, a prophecy has been given to us all. The creator himself has given every demigod, god, you, and me this information but did not reveal himself. Now everyone knows this prophecy, but it does not sound good at all."

The end is near, when evil surpasses
An age's end, Olympus collapses

Heroes will fight until their very last breath
But to no avail from Monster's wrath

Gods will fall, forever erased
Darkness rises, never replaced

The last battle is near
Fate is almost here

The world holds one last chance
Percy Jackson, the true savior at first glance

From Iron From Ice   (Game of Thrones reference)
He must pay the price.

I stay still, soaking in each word.  Prophecies never used specific names. This really is the end, unless I stop it.
Chaos looks at me, knowing I was shocked. She was too, but now was not the time.

"I know, its weird, but you are our last hope, even I cannot save the world, there is not enough hope in the world, and I grow weaker each second. Demigods, gods, and mortals alike are convinced that this is the end." She says

"What do I do? I can't do it all!" I exclaim

"Yes you can, what was your reputation again? Doing the impossible.  I wish you luck, I have a certain thing to do." She says as she teleports out. Leaving me in dismay.

I sigh at her logic. She was right, I did need to do this.
I need a plan. How does one even begin to defeat every known monster?

I teleport to Olympus to a bad sign. The gods have left to fight Typhon, and chaos is erupting in the area, minor gods and goddesses are panicking. I look at a TV, and it was bad. Nearly 50% of all demigods were dead. How could this happen? My heart skips a beat until I see it. Law is back. He is wearing battle armor and a spear, leading an army towards who knows what.

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