Tartarus (Chapter 5)

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Quote: "Wounds heal overtime, but are not forgotten. "


I wake up, hoping it was all a dream. A sick, twisted dream, and that I will wake up and I will be at my cabin, Annabeth waiting outside, but when my eyes open, the light from my fire luminates the hut. I start to break. Why is it that after all I did, they do this to me? Thalia, Grover, the 2 people who still cared will never see me again. I can never see Mom or Paul since I am cursed with immortality.

I could have just died. Why didnt they just kill me? Why make me suffer for eternity after I saved them twice. I remember hanging out with Thalia, she did tell me how to hunt, gave me a few tricks. The swamp is filled with Drakons, probably the best source of meat. Using my basic knowledge to craft, I create some traps I hang near the herds. Should I stay here? I mean of course ill live here, but should I isolate myself like Damasean? I could adventure out and see what I can find, could be dangerous. But I do have Bane, which is extremely useful against these monsters. I start duel-wielding swords, training against Drakons, or any unlucky monsters that run by.

I also start training my Aquatic Fire, Zeus did say It could kill Titans, and Tartarus is where Kronos and a few others may be. I decide to isolate myself to train, and when I get more experienced, I will venture out.
I dont really keep track of time, its practically impossible down here. After a few months (I think), I get sick and tired of Drakon stew. Monsters don't really taste very good, some don't even give meat, just dust. But I gotta eat somehow. Hestia's blessing helps greatly, but its not nearly enough. Monsters have heard of the bounty on my head. Some monsters have passed through, the Minotaur literally visits every week, gets killed, repeat cycle. He does provide some meat however, tastes like beef. My hut is more of a house, since I upgraded it, and everything in it. I put a sign that honored Damasean. I still called it my hut since well....it felt right.

I begin to adventure outside the swamp, into the deserts. I walk for miles, I always know where the swamp is since I found out that with Hermes' blessing, I never forget where to go. Soon, I see a structure, a large building, like a castle. It looks to be made out of sandstone, with black markings. I see a large A and a picture of Earth. Atlas. That is what it must mean. I sneak in by warping inside. Giants everywhere, monsters everywhere, its like a convention. I hide behind walls, until I hear a conversation.

"You here for the tournament? " asked a giant

"Yep, the reward sounds great, finally something good in this hellhole." replied another giant

"I know, girl like that hard to come by, Atlas is gonna give his own daughter to whoever wins." Says another giant.

I freeze. Girl? Atlas' s daughter? ZOË? After hearing this, I make it to the bottom of the castle. Every castle's holding cells are in the ground. I see rooms filled with dust, meant to hold prisoners. Guards surround the last room, a closed off room. That must be where Zoë is! I warp inbetween the two guards, quickly unleahsing my dual swords, making them fade instantly. I see a sign on the door. "Atlas' s spawn" i read the plaque, apparently someone took Zoë from the stars, putting her in here. Those monsters, they ripped her from paradise to here. I listen from the door, my ear pressed on.

I hear crying on the other end, a girl crying. So devoid of hope. I open the door and I hear the girl gasp in fear.

"Have you come to boast or...." she said weakly

I turn and see Zoë......but she is.........naked. She is chained on a wall in darkness. . I quickly cover my eyes and
Turn on a light.

"Wait....who are you?" Asks Zoë

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