Neighbors (Chapter 12)

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Quote: "Weapons don't win wars, the soldiers do."

I had woken up this morning extremely odd. How am I supposed to feel about the two most powerful beings in existance visit me and one wants to help me, and the other wants to kill me. According to some old scripts, gods, Titans, primordials, and any being full access to magic cannot hurt a demigod or mortal unless challenged by them, which was weird since I fit that bill, yet I dont get the penalty. Must be one of those quantum physics junk.

So I got out from bed and went to my garden. I like it there. Its beatiful, calm, and peaceful. Many people may say it is "girlish" which is crap because after all the horrors ive seen, moonlaces are a great change from drakons. I start to expand my diversity of plants, sometimes the local Nymphs give me some flower seeds so I can plant them.

I talked with Blackjack earlier, and he seemed pretty freaked out. After some sugar cubes, he calmed down. Its not everyday you are being hunted by Order. His name strikes fear into the hearts of many. Of course, of all the people on his hit list, my name is on top. I tried on the gloves that Chaos had given to me. The gloves, when put on, turned into Greek Battle Armor. Its a heavy armor, but is light as silk. Its made from the thread of Stygian Iron, Celestial bronze, and Imperial Gold. Very strong stuff. I put it on my shelf alongside the helmet the Romans had given me. It was my end-game stuff, I felt that I would need it at a certain time, not now.

I sigh as I finish tending to the garden and start meditating. I lay a small matt and lay on my knees. I take off my shirt, feeling the fresh, cool air on my skin. Years of training had improved my body's shape. I was larger than the average person, and definitely more strong. After about an hour of meditating in complete silence, I feel calmer. My nightmare about Zoë, and all lost loved ones had lessened. I will certainly never forget about each of them, but I do not need to think of them 24/7.

I was in my meditation state when I hear a gasp. Multiple gasps. Multiple girly gasps. I quickly turn and see...Thalia......and at least 8 other hunters all staring at me.

"Excuse me?" I ask

The girls all snapped out of a hypnotic trance.

"" Thalia stuttered

"I spent a hundred years in Tartarus, I dont wanna repeat it again." I chuckle.

Thalia gives me a sight glare.

"Artemis requested you to visit her, she said it was important." She stated seriously

Artemis. I dont particularly dislike her, but I am not her friend. She cast me out, even when I saved her life. I respect her, my but it dropped into the toilet when she betrayed me. I dont hate her as much as I hate Ares or Athena, but I dont have any love for her. (Sorry no Pertemis, maybe)

"What if I do not want to visit her?" I ask

Before Thalia could speak, the 7 other hunters rose up.

"Foolish boy, you will obey Lady Artemis' s wishes!" One shouted

"Arrogant idiot! Nobody disrespects a Hunter of Artemis!" Another shouted.

I hold my hand on the bridge of my nose shaking my head, and I can tell Thalia is doing the same.
The seven girls all rush in with daggers but are stopped at they crash face-first into my house barrier.

"What is this?" One screamed, holding her broken nose.

"I have a barrier to protect myself from intruders. You are an intruder." I struggle to keep a straight face.

Suddenly a flash of light appears and Artemis comes out.

"What did you do to my hunters, you filthy boy?" She snarls

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