Memories (Part 3) (Chapter 3)

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Quote:"It is the easiest and simplest actions that can lead to the most complex and difficult consequences."

I lay along the beach, pondering why the past two events happened so quickly, Annabeth had basically given up on me, I knew this relationship won't last, but I wasn't ready to let go. Yet. Poseiden had replaced me, I do not know what has gotten into these people. I sigh as I hear Chiron ring the bell. Oh well, hopefully things go back to normal.

One month later.
If only I knew how wrong I was.

Within the month, Jack had spread so many rumors about me, saying that I was weak and stupid, and due to dozens of new demigods coming in, they assumed he was right. I lost many of my past friends whom I once thought knew me, Chris,  Katie, Drew, The Stolls, etc. Nico still blamed me for Bianca since Jack told him I did it on purpose. Nico knows I didnt do it, but he needs someone to blame I guess.

Then, there was the final straw.

I knew my relationship was coming to an end with Annabeth, but I still loved her, but now she seems to have drifted away from me. So, savoring the last few precious moments I still have with her, I decided to propose. I asked Hepheastus to help me make a ring, it was made from Olympite, the rarest jewel Olympus had to offer, it wasn't hard metal used for armor, but it radiated beauty.. I had put two emeralds and sapphire gems around it to make an image of the sea. (Yes, Olympite is a fake metal, sounds cool?)

I made my way to the camp grounds to propose, walking past my spot on the beach when I see two people making out. But not just any two people. Jack and Annabeth. My heart ripped in half, it felt as if Kronos had impaled me with his scythe and poured water from the styx on it. I just stood in horror as I see them eating their faces off. I held the ring and put it in my pocket.

"Why Annabeth? After....all I did for you? Was it not enough?" I stutter

The two stand up and looked around and see me. Jack had a smirk smeared across his face, Annabeth merely smirked as well.

"No, it is just that I found a better hero than you. You see Percy, I am always the one who is at the top, I can't just stay at your level forever. I stayed with you since you were at the top during the two wars, but now I found someone better, smarter, stronger, and more handsome!" Annabeth replied happily, as if what she had done was perfectly alright.

"You always were weak Jackson, you aren't worthy of being a son of Posiden, it was a mistake for him to meet your mother, probably some stupid mortal." sneered Jack.

The second those words were spoken, the water from the beach rose to 40 feet in the sky, creating a wall of water. I could feel something. Rage. I felt burning, I looked at the wall, and saw my reflection. My eyes glowed of blue flames, my hands were filled with the same flame. Suddenly I knew what this power was. Aquatic Fire, this fire was so hot, it burns water along with it. Nothing can douse it's flame other than holy river waters such as the styx.

I could control this fire like water, and it flew around me. I turned around and saw Annabeth and Jack, both slightly afraid. Behind them were all the campers, shocked at the sight. Until I shouted.

"So, after all I did for you, all the sacrifices, all the death, you would cheat on me, and toss me away? You are supposed to goddess of wisdom, I dont see any wisdom on you. Not anymore wise girl."

Annabeth got, up infuriated, but before she could say anything, I pulled out the ring.

"I had planned to propose to you tonight, and this is what I see. You have earned my trust and threw it away. I no longer want to spend another moment of my life alongside my so called friend". I spoke coldly. I threw the ring as far as I could into the ocean.

Jack got up, and being the idiot he is, sneered. "You mad Jackson? I got the girl, you did not, and I see that letting you live would be stupid on my part so..." Jack pulled out a trident, it was made out of celestial bronze and had blue tips. "Gift from Posieden, to the son who actually deserves it."

I was beyond mad, I felt power surging through my veins. I pulled out Riptide and noticed somthing. My blue flames had been sucked into the sword, and after a few seconds, Riptide was radiating blue fire as well. I now could control this blue flame with my hands, and now my sword could burn through anything as well.

"You know Jack, it does not have to be like this, and if you continue like this, you have already lost." I spoke.

"Yeah right, backing out ike a coward huh? Guess you are as stupid as I say." Jack sneered.

The campers looked in awe as I let the wall of water fall down, creating an explosion, but not harming anyone.

I saw Jack try to lunge forward, I moved to the side and blocked his strikes. His weapon was good, but his style was sloppy. I easily disarmed him after a few minutes. I held the sword and put the pen back in my pocket. I no longer wanted to see this place any longer. I pushed pass most of the campers back to my cabin. Jack was fine, I didnt kill him or anything, although he did deserve it. I packed up my stuff, nectar, ambrosia, the minoaur horn, and a picture of me, the seven, the gods, and my Parents. I wrote letters to the few remaining people who cared about me still.

Dear Thalia

Im sorry, but I have to leave, Camp is no longer my home, everyone has betrayed me except Chiron. Annabeth cheated on me with Jack, and I see now that staying there would only make things worse. Forgive me, I will see you one day, I swear by the river Styx, but you will not see me for a long time, do not go searching for me, because you will not find me. Goodbye for now sparky.


Dear Chiron

You have been the best teacher a demigod could ask for, I apologize for leaving camp, but this place holds too many bad memories for me. Staying would only trouble you. I hope you the best, and good luck training the new demigods, but promise me that you will tell them my story, and how I was betrayed by those around me. Thanks and Goodbye.


I finally finished the letters I could write, Grover and Rachel can't get my letters if I send them, so ill just let Chiron tell them. I sigh as I walk past the border for the last time.

Hunter's camp: 1 week after Percy left

"THALIA, you have a mail letter!" shouted a Hunter

Thalia ran up to the center of camp, and grabbed the paper, she was surprised, nobody mailed to her usually, so she opened it up and found a letter. She read the note slowly, tears forming in her eyes. Some hunters looked at her, she almost never cried unless a hunter passes on. Thalia missed Percy, he understood her more than anyone. She didn't always have to protect him, she wished she could have helped her cousin. She immediately started sending out search parties for him, and sighed as the sun went down.

Camp Half-Blood: 1 Day After Percy's Absence

Chiron found a note on his desk, he opened it and found the letter. Chiron was deeply saddened, but understood why he had done it. He had seen many great heros come and go, but he has never seen a demigod so pure, but was betrayed by those closest to him. He sighed and galloped to the campfire that was lighting up the dark sky.
He announced that every week, we will tell the story of Perseus Jackson, Hero of Olympus, the Betrayed son of Poseiden. Jack and Annabeth both disagreed, but Chiron gave both of them a glare worse than Zeus. He sighed as he lost his best student.

Bonus Quote "The ones who survive the hardships of life are the strongest ones in life."

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