The Sacred Weapon (Chapter 21)

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Quote:"You can't break what has already been broken."

"So you want my help to build a sacred weapon?" I ask Hepheastus.

"Well......yes." he said.

"Do the other gods know?" I ask.

"" Hepheastus says nervously.

"Then I'm in." I grin.

Hepheastus sighs in relief, this project must be very important.

"So, who is the weapon for?" I ask him.

"You"ll see, don't worry. Come to my forge tomorrow morning, 7:00 AM, and I will show you my plans and progress." He informed me and flashed out.

I nodded to him before he flashed, and I warped myself back to my house. Home, sweet home. Blackjack was resting in my bedroom since for some reason, he likes it there more than his stable, but I let him sleep there.
After the Doomsday event, Mrs.O'Leary hunted me down for days apparently and found me in the cabin. She was so excited to see me, and even more excited when I could summon huge dog biscuits for her. Also, she could communicate with Blackjack, who could communicate with me. I had built a room near the stables for her, but she prefers to sleep in my room also for some reason. Lucklily, neither of them snore. Or drool.

(Let the BlackJack x Mrs. O'Leary shipping sink in..)

(Just kidding, seriously please do not make that a thing)

So I relaxed in a chair, after a long days work.....not really. I still wasn't remotely tired, and I still wanted action. Hepheastus is on my good side, he did vote for my survival, as well as giving me his blessing, which was extremely useful in Tartarus. Most gods were pretty nervous around me. People such as Dionysus, Hera, Demeter, Zeus, and even some gods who favored me were nervous. Athena just hated me, nothing complicated about that.

Would getting rid of some of them be better? Would getting rid of gods such as Dionysus, Demeter, and any of them that never produced any results be wise?

I wipe the thought from my head instantly. I do not get to make those choices, to decide who lives and dies to innocents.

But are the gods innocent? Many gods are responsible for the deaths of great heroes and have been the cause of thousands of deaths.

Maybe, maybe not.

Nah, first of all, I am waaay too lazy to do it, second, every god would pee in their godly underwear knowing I could get rid of them easily, which could cause a civil war. Nobody wants a Civil War, Am I right? (Marvel reference)

I have talked with Poseiden over time and we are almost beginning to mend the father-son relationship. Almost. I still hate what he did, but I guess mom's death hurt both of us.

I still appreciate most of the gods, but I don't want them to fear me. I just want equality, but then again, history shows that equality is just man's dream.

I can't stroll down the beach without campers staring or asking me questions. I can't talk to any gods without them being slightly afraid of me. I can't talk to my friends or we will be interrupted by others or even because they are scared of me.

Power is great and all, convenient, but it sure does have it's drawbacks.

I remember Annabeth and Jack's reaction right after the battle and I talked with the gods.

FlashBack -Camp Half Blood

I was just finished talking with the Olympians, making them know I will not fade them. I returned to camp to see my friends, but as I walked in, Annabeth and Jack stopped me. I sighed.

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