A Death of a Hero (Chapter 15)

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Not a quote, but I like these lyrics. Nostalgic.  "Come along with me....and the butterflies and bees."

Failiure. Thats what I was. I failed. I failed to save the few people who I still loved. I was blinded by my own needs and selfishness, and I paid the price. It wasn't a hero's death, it was a death of a fool. I didn't deserve to spend another second on Gaea for not seeing the obvious. I should have known. I should have done more. If I had, maybe Thalia and Artemis would still be safe.

Maybe me gone was a good thing. Maybe it's what the fates wanted. Perhaps this is how the story ends. A person who could do almost anything, but couldnt save his family.

I could see my body evaporating.  Me being part titan and god must have done this. My body will never be found, it will fade, but my soul will still go to the underworld.

Suddenly I felt a tingle. It was extremely weird, since I havent felt anything since I was "dead". But this feeling grew stronger. I started panicking, some time had passed. I was supposed to be in the Underworld, why was I still here? The pulling sensation got more powerful, to a point where I was pulled into darkness. What was going on? This isn't Hades' s realm, but what can it be? Its really dark, pitch black.


Oh no.

A figure appeared out of the darkness infront of me. He was just an outline, a humanoid shape filled with shadows. His shape was one I never forgot.  Order.

"Hello, Percy Jackson."  Order scolds.

And there I was, faced with the 2nd most powerful being in the universe.

At Olympus: Council Room.

Every god and goddess looked in horror. Even Zeus. They had all witnessed the battle that killed the greatest hero to ever live.

Apollo had showed them the scene he had gotten while riding his Sun chariot. Apollo was deeply saddened. He saw it all, unable to help due to Law being a lesser being, possibly a demigod. He had to watch his two sisters captured and his friend killed.

Hades was especially surprised, at first he denied it, since he did not receive his soul, but soon he realized that the wound Percy had gotten was clearly fatal.

Each god or goddess had their way of expressing their reactions. Some gods were surprised he had tried to save Artemis, who had voted for him to die, and Thalia, whom were both daughters of Zeus, who also voted Percy to die.

The more people thought, the more they realized that Percy had never done anything against Olympus, yet they had punished him for it because of family grudges. Of course he had disrepected them on a few occasions, but he never showed any attempt to be against the gods.

They also realized they lost this war altogether. No demigod was nearly as powerful as Percy, and now Law was running around as well. Annabeth and Jack reformed and were back in charge of camp half blood, much to everyone's dismay.

This caused the quality of demigods to decline. Annabeth and Jack never trained or helped young demigods who potentially could have been much greater. Chiron helped train many, but 1 centuar cannot individually train the whole camp alone.

Mistakes were made, many of which cannot be fixed. Without Percy, or a new hero, they were all doomed.

The gods bickered amongst themseleves to find a solution, even Athena. While some gods still despised Percy, they all knew his value in the war.

However, no plan could be made. Olympus was outmatched in power and numbers. The end was near. They had found out Order was behind all of this due to Law, who is the symbol of order.

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