Rising Tides (Chapter 32)

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Quote: "Nothing is truly immortal."

"So? Still think that wasn't Chaos?" I asked smugly at Jack, who's hair looked like a pile of ash.

I heard a grumble in response. Typical.

"Now then, onto more important matters. Pontus is rising, as Chaos said." I announced.

The room grew silent.

"Well, we shall unite to seven once again to defeat Pontus, as they have against Gaea." Hera replied.

"No. The Seven may be powerful, but Pontus is far too powerful for any of us. As Chaos said, he stored his power for countless eons, waiting for a moment to strike. The Seven, including me would be like seven Cavemen attacking a Tank." I explained.

"So what do you propose we do?" Zeus asked.

I thought for a moment.

"At the moment, I don't know. Maybe I can think of a plan at a later date, as for now though, I am not quite sure. Unlike Order, Pontus cannot be harmed by pure emotions, only raw power." I explained.

Zeus put a hand on his forehead, as if having a huge migraine. "Alright then. Athena will plan ahead of time, preparing for war, Poseidon, warn the council if Pontus threatens your domain. Hepheastus-" Zeus babbled on about the different jobs each god were supposed to do. Keep watch, prepare, etc.

I wasn't sure how this war will go. It should be a lot less deadly than Order, but who knows?

I flashed back to camp, not before giving a smug look to Jack and Annabeth, who were both sitting by their parents.

Ahhhh, camp. Home, sweet home. Kinda. Okay, not really.

I walked around, seeing a couple new faces around camp, and eventually saw my cabin. I don't know why, but it felt nostalgic. The Poseidon cabin was always empty, as Jack rarely ever changed anything. Probably too lazy.

I walked inside, most of my stuff was litered everywhere. Jack's bed was semi-organized, with papers and binders clipped together, but were tossed on his bed without care. His bed literally had a layer of paper above the cushions.

A small, shiny blue object caught my eye next to my bed. I walked over to it. It definitely was not here before, as I think I would have noticed some sort of artifact on my counter. It was some kind of contraption,  mechanical.

I cautiously picked it up. It was about the size of a baseball, slightly smaller maybe. It was blue, but was chisled with some sort of- you know what? I am not even going to pretend I know what this is, because I honestly don't know. For all I knew, it was a bomb.

I also noticed an envelope from where I picked up the object. The envelope, once I opened it, gave a whiff of the smell of the sea. I instantly knew it was from Poseidon. Or Oceanus, but I doubt he would mail stuff to me.

I opened the envelope, and inside was a letter, much like I had received back in the Titan war.

Brace Yourself.

Yeah, those were his words, right?

I looked at the letter and read it.

Percy, I know I have not been the most helpful father for a long time. I intend to change that. While my brother will never admit it, we all owe a great debt to you. I know I will not be able to intervene this war, but I wish you luck on this final war hopefully.

The item above is a Sea Charm. Pontus is a very formidable foe, believe me, and I alongside Tyson have made this to improve your control over the sea. I trust you will use it better than anyone else. Remember, your are a son of the sea, the water is in your very blood.

Poseiden and TYSON

For some reason, Tyson's name was written in blue crayon, but I decided not to question it.

Sea Charm. That's pretty neat. I looked at the box, and as if on cue, the box evaporated into a blue-ish stream of.....what looks like mist. It surrounded me, and for a second, I thought it was a prank, but the mist absorbed into my body, making me shiver.

I felt more connected to the sea than I already was, and it felt....controlling.

I didn't really mind getting this new power, since it was from dad, and I bet this would help greatly in the war.

I heard a dinner horn sound and heard campers heading to the pavilion. I should probably say Hi to the seven, plus, I know Jack and Annabeth aren't here now.

I walked to the dining area and instantly saw the Seven all walking together, Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel, Nico, Reyna, I even saw Leo and Calypso.  (Leo will be with Calypso.)

They saw me and immediately hunted me down and tackled me. Friendship!

"Hey Percy!" Jason greeted me. He looked pretty much the same since Gaea, which is saying something because everyone else looked somewhat different. His blond hair was exactly the same which was odd, and still had the same piercing eyes like a mini-Thalia. He was wearing Roman clothes, with the cape-thingy from one shoulder down for fanciness.

"Hi Jason." I offered, shaking his hand.

I finally greeted everyone and got to buissness. Although I do admit, we were all different.

Piper was rocking some sort of Roman-Greek style cloths. Unlike her sisters, she didn't like showing off alot of skin. Although her clothes were meant for beauty, I could tell it would do as much in beauty and in combat.. Her clothes matched Jason's color. Her hair was tied back, and she hadn't drastically changed. She stood next to Jason, with his arm on her shoulder.

Leo was wearing an orange Camp-Half Blood shirt, but it had a Roman font. As far as I knew, he was identical to before. He was still the shortest member of the Seven, but not by a huge amount. He was actually, from the looks of it, trying to grow a beard but failed miserably, making a small stubble take its place. I was trying so hard not to point it out.

Calypso was the same since, well I saw her earlier today, duh!

Hazel was quite different. She was wearing a purple T-Shirt and jeans. Her hair was tied back in a similar style, she must have gotten tips from Piper. I was surprised how much she styled herself. She had golden earrings, a necklace, rings on her fingers, and well....lots of jewelry. 

Frank was older than before, obviously, but I mean he looked older. The others were the same, but they didn't look totally different. Frank was slowly losing the baby face he had and was looking more......appropriate is the correct word for his age.

Reyna was wearing a white shirt and jeans. Still as plain as ever, though if I said that, I would be murdered. She had gotten tanner, and while not nearly like Piper or Hazel, she was like an olive color.  She still had that sharp feeling when around her, as if she were ready to pounce at any moment.

Nico was Nico. End of story.

I'm kidding. He was still that skinny pale boy I knew since forever. He was wearing black clothing only, with the occasional white streaks. He got a bit taller, but not nearly like Jason or me. He was a bit below Frank.

We all started catching up. I showed them my new scythe and it sure did surprise them.
Apparently Jason had better control over air, Piper had gotten better charmspeak, Reyna became more skilled with various weapons. Leo learned to use heat around him to enhance his fire abilities. Frank learned to keep his animal form more stable for a longer time. Hazel also learned to keep control of the constant gems appearing around her. Nico learned to use shadows for more uses.

I was surprised that they almost seemed relieved by not being gods anymore. They said that the ancient laws were very restricted.  What good is power if you can't use it? 

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