He Did...What!?

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Quote: "Incest isn't always Wincest..." (Sorry, people.)


"What...?" I said, with my eyes bulging out of my head like a cartoon character as I was told a crucial piece of evidence about our enemy as I was looking into a book.

The book was an encyclopedia about Greek Mythology, which may seem absurd at first glance because "OMG, you're THE Percy Jackson! How can you live in the Greek World and not know everything about Greek Mythology!?" But let me correct that by saying, do you really expect me to memerize every single piece of mythos to top of my head?

I bet you can't name every Biblical character, prominent and minor, right here, right now.

Maybe I shouldn't have said that, but I am really flustered at the moment because of my latest discovery.

So I went to a mortal library down in Brooklyn, because why not, I could literally teleprt anywhere. I wasn't very keen when it came to Pontus, as I had met his son Nereus, back when I had to protect Bessie the Seacow during that whole ordeal in the past. I remember him as that really old homeless dude who looked like a really worn down Santa Claus or something. As much as I hated his cryptic attitude when I asked him what I was really looking for, I can't say he wasn't helpful to me. 

That was another thing, I don't know what happened to Nereus. When I had met him, nearly nobody knew him, both in the Greek and mortal world. I recall him being very weak and aged, so I can't imagine he'd be relevent now. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if he just faded in order to pause the usage of his power to stay immortal.

Anyway, so I began to read up on his Bio, and what I found was a bit disturbing.

Prior to the Olympian's claimage to the holy throne, a deity known by the name of Pontus existed as ruler of the seas, primarily the Meditarranean Sea. Conflicting sources detail that he was born to Gaea and Aether.

"Hm, so could it be that he's after revenge for his mother...?" I whispered softly, under my lip because I was in a library. I may be an all-powerful demigod hybrid, but that didn't mean I had bad manners, after all.

With Gaea, Pontus produced five offsprings. Nereus, Thaumas, Phoryces, Ceto, and Eurybia. Sources may vary.

"Ew...that's gross as...oh wait a minute." I said, but then realized that I was literally the son of Poseidon, aka brother of Zeus, the guy who married his sister and had like a bajillion kids with. I even came to the realization that technically, I was Annabeth's uncle...since her mother was Athena and my dad was Poseidon. Thalia was technically Annabeth's aunt as well.

That must've been awkward...I wonder if she knew about that.

Actually, there's a lot of messed up relations in Greek Mythology now that I'm looking into it. Lots of weird stuff going on, and I found out a bit more than I had meant to. I found out that...the gods had some weird habits.

Like, I'm gonna have to ask all of them some questions afterwards.

What is wrong with our family?

Whatever, back to the situation at hand. Pontus is angry because we stopped his mother-wife thing, his...oh for the love of gods I can't take this seriously. Am I literally supposed to be afraid of the guy who sealed the deal with the ENTIRE PLANET who happened to also be his mommy? Not only did I want to make high-school level jokes and puns, but it was almost wasn't real.

By the way, I value my comedy higher than those types of jokes. 

Not gonna make sugar mommy joke.

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