Broken Promises (Chapter 30)

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Quote: "Why do humans fight one another because of the most miniscule reasons? Perhaps it is because we are too familar to ignore one another, but too different to tolerate each other."

The aroma of sweetness entered my nose, making me jerk up, only to fall back down on whatever I was lying on. I groaned as I looked at my battered body. I had a blanket covering my still-shirtless body, and my pants had several holes that made it look like swiss cheese. The blanket was soft, and was woven extremely well as it was warm and cozy.

My whole being felt like cheese in fact. I lifted the blanket and my body was covered in bandages and cloth that were healing me. My shoulder had a large patch of cloth covering the spot I was impaled on. It was sore as all Hades, and I would need a lot of strength to simply get up.

I slowly got up, and I looked around. I was lying on a cotton bed, and in a pretty room that was painted with odd designs such as trees and such.

The feeling was somewhat familiar, but I couldn't place my nose on it. I could smell the faint scent of hazlenuts And I felt the presence of water nearby, lots of water.

I tried to stand up, but my leg instantly bent and I heard a crack!

I grunted in pain, keeping in the scream. I quickly sat back down and realized I was starving and thirsty. Normally I don't get hungry or dehydrated, so what gives?

I started healing myself slowly, but it was relatively weaker than normal due to my fatigue, and my limbs were all sore and well....healing from being impaled. I summoned clean clothes for myself and put them on.

I felt somewhat better, I can tell the bandages that I wore must have been soaked in nectar or some healing balm, because if it weren't, then I would probably look like a voodoo doll still.

"You're awake." Said a feminine voice that entered the room. My brain did a 360 when I took in her beautiful features, and I instantly remembered who she was. Calypso. She had hazelnut colored hair that flowed down to her shoulder, a lean figure, and the face of an angel. Leo told me he had also been here, and we both had needed to leave for a certain reason.

Calypso, as in the demititan who was exiled to stay on an island, but after the war, she should be free. Why is she still here?

"Calypso?" I asked incredulously.

She looked at me curiously, a mixture of sadness, curiosity, surprise, and thought."How do you know who I am?" She demanded.

I must look a lot different than when she first saw me, so she must not recognize me.

"It's me....Percy Jackson." I said cautiously. I knew that no man ever returned to Calypso's Island twice, I remember being here before. How and why am I back here?

Her eyes struck open like tennis balls. "Wh....what?" She stuttered.

I got up and went infront of her, and my legs didn't hurt nearly as much. She gasped that I was able to walk.

"Look at me." I said and she studied me carefully. Her mind slowly pieced together my features and she nearly had a heart attack.

She burst into tears and cried on my shoulder, not the impaled one luckily. I held her gently, it must be a a shock for her.

"How?" She exclaimed in pure outrage.

To make this short, I told her EVERYTHING. My whole story after Gaea and Kronos. I told her Zoë, Tartarus, Order, The Gods, the Pact, my Powers, the Hunt, everything there was, nothing left out.

She was surprised on a new level, she had mixed expressions about what happened, mostly sadness. But I needed to know why she was still here, trapped.

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