Reunited (Chapter 9)

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Quote: "True friends are those who will always do right by you."

I was working on clearing out the area near my house. I asked some nymphs if I could use some of their area, and they were surprised that I asked. Normally people just do as they please and wreck their forests. They were hesitant until they saw my semi-finished garden. This garden included some plants, not food, most were flowers such as the moonlaces from Calypso. I had visited my old house, and had found some  moonlaces growing, so I brought them here.

They let me use the space around my house and were happy to know I wasnt going to pollute all their trees. While I was finishing my garden area, I decide on whether to visit Camp Jupiter now or later. I was decently sure that the people there did not hate me. I was technically still a Praetor, I did not get the chance to pass the position. I lift up my other sleeve, not the one with Zoë, and the SPQR tattoo, fifth cohort, is still there. I didnt really check it in Tartarus, what good was being a Roman leader when you were in hell?

I finish my garden, since moonlaces are extremely rare and ony grow on Calypso's island, I wanted to start increasing their population. I donated some to the Nymphs who happily planted them elsewhere. Once I finished most of the garden, it was fully functional, but could use a few tweaks here and the there.

I was inside my house packing some items I may need. I didn't need much, I brought some ambrosia and nectar just in case, never know when a huge monster might jump you. I wear my black cloak, since I dont want to reveal myself yet. I bring an enchanted backpack I made a while ago, it can hold way more than it looks, I used to use it in tartarus, but I realized I didnt need it since I dont really pack a lot. I put some Nemean Lion furs from my closet along with a few Minotaur Axes. I really need to get rid of those. I know my closet in enchanted to hold infinite items, but I feel like it is still crowded with multiple axes, swords, furs, hides, spears, and other enchanted items.

I warp about a mile from the Camp, and I start to ponder. What will they think? I start calculating the different possibilities. Some good, some bad. Really bad. I guess I should try to do this the same as Thalia. Seems like the best option. I wonder if they have changed, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, Hazel, and Reyna. I still remember each of them. They were a good team, im sure when I left, Jason became leader of the seven, or 4, or 5, or whatever.

My thoughts are interrupted when I see smoke rising in the distance. Must be trouble at Camp Jupiter. I rush to the scene and I see a battle in progress. An army of monsters is attacking the camp. Many roman demigods are fighting, and losing. For once, I see an odd sight. Monsters are actually teaming up on demigods, overrunning them. They are actually using tactics. I have seen enough, I see dozens of demigods unconscious or injured on the ground. Few could be dead by now. I see Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank, Leo, And Reyna all looking sadly at the scene.
They are bound by laws to let demigods fight, it is their job to train them. See, like Chiron, counselors arent allowed to help unless the battle is in self defense, a prophecy, or a war. I rush in, I dual wield Bane and Riptide in my hands and start clashing. My swords easily break any swords that the monsters have. I start slashing through many monsters, hellhounds, giants, empusais, etc. Many Romans stop fighting and start retreating back to heal the wounded. Many start staring at me while I am fighting, their faces filled with curiosity, relief, and shock.

I easily start decimating the monster army, and many monsters notice this. They start gathering in a large horde, planning to ovverrun me. Bad move. I summon a wall completely made of fire and surround the monsters. They did not expect this from a demigod, and I slowly let the walls move in, crushing all the monsters into dust. About 25 monsters all reduced to a pile of dust. I stand up, completely fine, the Romans, not so much.

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