The Curse of Time (Chapter 6)

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Quote "Immortality is not always a blessing."

Nightmares. I still remember the day the gods banished me. Not a day goes by when I dont think about them. I swear when I get my hands on Jack Forrester...

"Percy, Wake up!" Zoë yells from the kitchen. I jerk up, I am happy. Shortly after we killed Perses, me and Zoë are in a loving relationship. We have each other, thats all we need. I usually work in the farm, I cleared out a plot of land, built a wall around it, and used it to farm. We often grew wheat, barley, grains, different types of vegetables, and eventually, I got into Drakon hunting as well. Zoë usually cooks and hunts alongside me, and we both have fun doing it. It felt like paradise. Once in a while, a Titan, Monster, or creature encounters us, but I have fully mastered all my abilities. Well, I could still practice, but for now, my skills were enough to beat a Titan with some ease.

Over the years, I fought the Minotaur more times than I can count, that guy just never learns, Medusa again, Krios, Perses (again), countless hellhounds, Drakons, empusai, and etc. Kampes took us as a challenge, and tried to kill us multiple times, didnt work out well. For her, I mean. One time, Kelly the empusai tried to flirt, and Zoë shot her ankles. It was really funny.

However, overtime I noticed something. Zoë started aging. She grew older and older. I was immortal, I would simply outlive Zoë. I did not know what to do. She was my only light in this pit. We talked about this and we decided to not have children. We can't have a child grow up in this place, and I would outlive them as well. I always wanted children, but I understood. I can't sentence a child to this fate like the gods did to me.
I was sad to learn that when Zoë died (From Atlas) her immortality from the hunters was gone. She was going to grow old, and I had to accept it.

I decided to savor the moments we had together, she was still 19, in her prime, so we made the best of it. It was probably the best moments of my life with her in the pit. It didn't matter that she outgrew me, I still loved her the same, it never wavered. But I knew this wouldn't last forever. The fates are cruel. One day, I would have to move on, be alone again in this world. What a fool I was to think I could get a good ending. *sigh*

70 years later aka 2 years on Earth

I was still 17, looking as young as ever. Zoë however, was a different story. She was an old, frail woman. She was about 99. And about to reach 100. I was told by a forespirit that she will die at a century. I held her hand as she was breathing slowly. You see, we fought endless amounts of monsters, more than Athena could count. As years turned into decades, she got weaker, I did all our jobs. She was happy, I was happy with her. We still loved each other deeply. I wasn't ready yet. When she reached her 80s, I started to use my healing powers to save her from strokes or heart attacks, but healing only goes on for so long.

"Percy" she said weakly sitting in an old wooden chair.

"Yes?" I answered with tears in my eyes.

"I know that this is the end for me. I want to thank you for the fun, the adventure, the kindness you have showed me. Without you, I would still be rotting in a cell." She smiled sadly.

"But I'm n...not ready yet" I stuttered, almost pleading.

Zoë chuckled weakly "Of course you are. I believe in you, always have. But Percy, promise me, do not hang on to my death forever. Move on, and don't you dare forget about me. Don't lose yourself."

"I know." I gave a depressing laugh.

Zoë lay down for the last time, and with her final breath she spoke "Goodbye Percy, I will always be here, with you." her eyes slowly decended.

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