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So this chapter, I am going to clarify everything about Percy.

Age: 17 (appearance), or 118.

Natural Height: 6'3 but can change.

Strength: Comparable to Hercules. (Since he was given the soul of Zoë, who is the daughter of Atlas, who happens to be the lifter of the Earth.)

Speed: Slower than Hermes, but is not extremely far behind. (Very fast)

Endurance: Has extremely durable skin, able to endure the elements, as well as physical weapons. Can only be pierced by sacred weapons of Primordials, gods, or titans., and a few exceptions.

Weapons: Prefers Riptide and Bane in sword form, but if they do not fit the situation, Bane can be turned into an SMG (submachine gun) and Riptide into a shield.

Armor: The Helmet forged by Roman gods, the homemade helmet Percy made, and the Chaos armor. The suit is still a thing, but is not in action currently.
The Roman helmet merged together with the homemade helmet, creating a new, stronger helmet.
The helmet is still considered the "Roman Helmet" and can merge with the Chaos armor. If Percy only wants the suit or helmet separately, he can unmerge them temporarily. The armor set is in the form of sunglasses, or an earpiece. The armor does not weigh down Percy at all due to Chaos enchanting It to be lightweight.

Magic: Has control over all elements. Fire is his strongest element to use, as Aquatic fire is extremely dangerous. Water is the second strongest, and most used element for Percy. Most elements are still strong, but not stronger than gods. His ice power is very near that of Khione.

Skills: Knowledge of Construction, Can summon precious jewels and riches, is the most skilled sword user on Earth currently, most likely forever, mastered nearly all common weaponry such as axes, bows, daggers, longswords, etc. Does not age. Can summon food from the hearth. Runs faster than almost all gods except Hermes.
Extremely sneaky (due to being taught by Zoë). Has expert hunting skills and plenty of experience.
Almost always is underestimated by enemies. Can enchant items.

Allies: Aphrodite, Hestia, Poseiden, Artemis, Apollo, Hades, Chaos, Chiron, Satyrs and Nymphs, Grover, Rachel, Tyson, Thalia, Nico, Jason, Reyna, Piper, Leo, Hepheastus, Hazel, and Frank.

Pets: Mrs.O'Leary, Blackjack and the Ophiotaurus. (Bessie, even though she may not appear in the story, maybe.)

Neutral with: Dionysus, Demeter, Hera, Ares, Persephone, Kronos (surprise!) Rhea, Calypso, and peaceful Titans.

Hated by: The Hunters, Zeus, Athena, every monster and Titan, as well as Order.

Enemies: Do I even need to list every hellhound, empousa, dracnae, giant, laistrygonian, spirit, minion, titan, etc?

Titles: Too many, so much that I should literally make a sequel to this story and write every title Percy has.

Parents, Friends and family figures. (Dead) Zoë, Sally, Paul, Clarrise, Katie, Drew, Luke, Silena, Charles, Michael, Lee, Ethan, and Bianca. (Alive) Chiron, Poseiden, Hestia, Thalia, and the seven. (Sad right?)

Extra: Does not have ichor or blood, more like a mix. (Blichor!) Does not need sleep, showers, food, water, or oxygen. Can eat and drink ALL the ambrosia and nectar. Due to so much control over all elements, here are a few interesting abilities: can sense people coming by feeling the moisture in the air. Can solidfy water from the air. Can fly by using control over air, and much more that is not discovered yet.

Good traits: Kind, Loyal, honest, trustworthy, Caring, Generous, Forgiving, Sense of Justice, Pure, Good, Knows what his limits are, Unselfish, and Funny.

Bad Traits: Nada.

Some of these statistics will change over the story, but this is the current setup. Some characters have been mentioned, some have not appeared, yet.

Btw Thanks for reading this story if you are still here.

Appearence: Sea-Green eye color, black hair, tanned skin, usually wears blue T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers for casual clothing. Almost always wear an earpiece or sunglasses.

Optional gear: An enchanted backpack that has ambrosia and nectar and plenty of storage spaces, as well as a hoodie and a cloak.

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