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Isabella, Tartarus survivor by AlayaJenkins
Isabella, Tartarus survivorby AlayaJenkins
Isabella has been trapped in Tartarus for 71 years. Even she doesn't know how she managed to survive. When she meets two people, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, ther...
From Tartarus by ArianaRaven
From Tartarusby Ariana Raven
My name is Mirror Eve Drake and I am a demigod but not any normal demigod. As all of you know, only three demigods have survived the terrors of Tartarus and I watched th...
Consort to the Primordials by Megadude16
Consort to the Primordialsby Diceman
"Okay, hold on hold on hold on," Paul said, shaking his head. "Just one more time. You were framed for the killing of two gods, sent to Tartarus because Z...
Tortured Hearts by all_things_book
Tortured Heartsby all_things_book
Percy Jackson was a once loved hero but tragedy strikes and he's betrayed and turns to the dark side. Is it too late to get the mighty hero on the good side or is he los...
Memories by fandomz_baby
Memoriesby Lily-Rose
Percy's soul has been decimated by Tartarus; nightmares haunt him, the gods fear him and his memories make each breath harder and harder to cope with. Tartarus has infil...
Lost In Memories and Curses (PJO HOO STORY) by BKAnn2007
Lost In Memories and Curses (PJO H...by B. K. Ann
Percy and Annabeth returned from Tartarus, but not without it leaving its mark. Tartarus was... different, an experience that they are not willing to share with the rest...
Wanted (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) (COMPLETED)  by that_fangirl120
Wanted (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)...by Layan
(#1 halfblood 14-08-2018) (#1 Darkpercy 18-10-2018) (#1 pjofandom 29-12-2019) No matter who you are, what you are, if you've done a crime, you must be punished. And th...
Tortured: Percy Jackson's story (Betrayal) by PercyFanficGuy
Tortured: Percy Jackson's story (B...by Jay
My betrayal was painful. I was forced to flee after a new son-of-Zeus convinced my friends and family that I killed someone in cold blood. To save myself from an executi...
The Sea and The Moon by TyGuy005
The Sea and The Moonby TyGuy005
Perseus Jackson is the only one left. All of his friends are dead and he has nobody to rely on anymore. A certain silver-eyed goddess has lost all of her hunters and her...
I Know You're Scared (A PJO Fanfiction) by -Shadowflux-Rose-
I Know You're Scared (A PJO Fanfic...by -Shadowflux-Rose-
Age 0-- The Jackson triplets were born Age 5- The Jackson triplets were combined into one Age 12- Percy keeps his siblings a secret Age 16- The triplets are still a secr...
To Be Loved by England_From_Hetalia
To Be Lovedby England_From_Hetalia
Perseus Jackson is actually the eldest god----- the twin brother of Hestia. He somehow managed to not be eaten and helped overthrow Kronos. Thousands of years later, he...
The Darkness Within by sapphireblue12312
The Darkness Withinby ₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥𝙎𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙝𝙮
Percy Jackson is betrayed once again. He is accused of murdering dozens of satyrs and nymphs. Even Grover won't talk to him. He is forced to endure eternity in Tartarus...
Hero of the Damned by Major_Nich
Hero of the Damnedby Major_Nich
Percy Jackson, The hero of Olympus twice over... Is being sent to tartarus. what will happen to the famous hero? will he die? survive and want revenge? or will he do wha...
The Lost Legend (Percy Jackon Fanfiction) by AdventCourier
The Lost Legend (Percy Jackon Fanf...by AmidstChaos
Percy Jackson had the life everyone wanted, he was the hero of Olympus, respected by the most powerful beings, and had the best of friends. However, fate works in cruel...
Marvel Half-Blood by athlete68
Marvel Half-Bloodby Athlete68
A few days after the giant war, Percy is alone in the world. A week out of Tartarus, EVERYONE is gone... all because of Gaia. Now a group of "super heroes" wan...
Demons, Demigods and Hunters: Return from Hell by eatyourhartout
Demons, Demigods and Hunters: Retu...by Hartley Tor
Lucifer has arisen and the Winchesters are desperately trying to avert The Apocalypse. While working on a way to kill the devil, an old friend has been returned to them...
A Dark Legacy (Percy Jackson betrayed fanfic) by Jenny6445
A Dark Legacy (Percy Jackson betra...by Jenny6445
Ok yeah this is NOT a chaos story or where some other primordial or another god claims him. I feel like that's way to cliche for me to write. There will still be chaos i...
Child of Time by moomoocat666
Child of Timeby wannadieinahole
The Son of the Titan of Time is sent to go to Camp Half-Blood to learn more about the gods and demigods so that the Titans can finally rule over the Earth. At 12 years o...
The 15th Olympian by goodygoodi
The 15th Olympianby goodygoodi
The 15th Olympian Summary: Annabeth and Percy break up, Percy becomes a god, and is learning to use his powers, and with Apollo and him have issues that they need to sor...
Does the sun shine in Tartarus? by magickymetaldetector
Does the sun shine in Tartarus?by Bee
The war is over. But the losses are too great to grasp. The seven are dead. Except for Percy. Injured, broken and alone, Percy barely leaves his cabin. Will and Nico, t...