32 Hate

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Bree POV

Isang malakas na baltak ng mainiping kamay ang sumira sa mamahaling silk na jumpsuit na ilang oras ko lang nasuot. Malakas akong napasinghap at napayuko sa matayog at lantad kong dibdib. Hindi ko naiwasan ng siilin ako ng mapangparusang halik ni Clyde. While his hands squeezed both mounds brutally.

He scooped me up and hurled me to the bed. My bottom bounce out with the impact that almost throw me out of the soft bed. I tried sitting down but Clyde jumped me and pushed me hard on my shoulders, burying me to the bed. He crushed me with his discomforting weight then he thursted his lower part. The feel of his rough pants that covered his huge bulge grazing my soft lace-clad center made me moan in my throat. I met Clyde's eyes and they are full of animosity mixed with obvious desire. I swallowed hard. It's repugnant seeing hatred in his eyes but my body is betraying me because it still feels pleasured by his touch. Clyde knew it. He knew that my body still yearns for his touch, and Clyde feasted on that knowledge. He is using me just because he knew I will let him. Agreement or no agreement. The smug smirk that formed in his lips and the omniscient glint in his eyes confirmed it. I hate it. I hate it that he knew I couldn't resists him, even if I'm angry at him. I hate how he make me feel used. And I hate myself evenmore because I'm allowing him to treat me this way. I hate how he can make Bree Montecillo a defenseless and needy wanton, hungry for his attention. I hate how he can make me go crazy for him.

He proceeded by ripping the only material I had on me, which is the lace panty that he effortlessly ripped apart until I'm totally naked under his scrutiny. His eyes briskly travelled all over my body and I can't helped feeling heated under his lustful stares.
Oh how I hate that my body is fully turned on just by that exploring eyes. I hate that I'm soaking wet down there just by this man's hungry perusal.

It was so obvious, Clyde is angry. As to why? I'm betting it's because I made his walking angel named Claire cry. That woman is the exact opposite of me and I know Clyde has a soft spot for her. I saw how Clyde looked at her. He never looked at me that way. Full of gentleness and admiration. I hate it. I hate how Clyde can make me feel inferior. I hate that Clyde can make me feel insecure. And I hate how Clyde can make me livid with jealousy.

"I hate you." Madamdaming pahayag ko na ikinatiim bagang ni Clyde. Sandali siyang natigilan sa paghuhubad ng pantalon niya at napatingin sa mukha ko. Then a dangerous smile curved his lips. It is the kind of smile that gives you the chills. Sandaling nakalimutan kong huminga. Nagpatuloy si Clyde sa paghuhubad na para bang walang narinig. And when he is fully naked, he goes on top of me again and he unceremoniously rammed me with his manhood, without any sign of gentleness. My body was shocked to the sudden intrusion but Clyde just continue ramming into me like a madman. He thrusted violently in to me. I know he wants me to feel used and dirty again. It's his revenge. It's pain-inflicting. It is rough. And it is his punishment. I screamed in pain at his vicious pace. But at the same time I can feel that gratifiying pleasure running through my body that his action is building gradually. It was painful but fullfiling. It was a combination of lust, pain and pleasure.

"I hate you too, Bree. I hate you so damn much. Fvck! You don't know how much I hate you!" He gritted as his thrusts went deeper and deeper inside of me, filling me to the hilt.

"I hate you Clyde. I fvcking hate you too!" I cried in passion as I met his thrusts by lifting my hips. My action fueled him even more to fastened his pace. And that did me. I was screaming his name when I reached my orgasm and Clyde also followed with a loud groan.

Pareho ng kalma ang paghinga namin ng humiga padausdos si Clyde sa tabi ko. He was about to turn his back on me when I stopped him. Pumaloob ako sa bisig niya at yumakap. I cannot take it if he turns his back on me again. My heart can't take it anymore. I felt drained with my emotions all day. Clyde's body went rigid but he didn't push me away. He just took a deep breath and put his arm up and use his hands as his pillow. I know he didn't wanna cuddle, that's why he put his hands up. The thought made a little stabbing pain again in my heart.

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