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Princess and The Brains by v4mpyc4t555
Princess and The Brainsby v4mpyc4t555
Maeve Crawford is the most popular girl in eastwood high, a prestigious private school. All the boys want her and all the girls want to be her. Her father is the most el...
Bad Influence - popular girl x nerd boy by mars-and-stars
Bad Influence - popular girl x marley!
Parties, boys, and popularity: the only things ever on Rome's mind. Grades, work, and graduation: the only things that matter to Lucas. Rome Mendoza is the beautiful c...
Something Different ✔️ by unconsentingsoul
Something Different ✔️by unconsentingsoul
On the verge of failing his senior year of high school, Armando is set up with a tutor to get his grades back up. His tutor, Brian, happens to be the quiet kid that he n...
Begin Again ✔ by ethereaurora
Begin Again ✔by nova
In which a girl watches a conversation with a complete stranger begin again.
The Mafia In Disguise by selaeloestherina
The Mafia In Disguiseby Totally_weird
Ronaldo Covulli is the heir of a secret undercover drug dealer, when he reaches the age of seventeen he gets to choose a female so that he could immediately impregnant...
Oh My Virginia by venusix
Oh My Virginiaby venusix
Virginia: A feminine given name derived from the Latin word Virgo, meaning 'maiden' or 'virgin'. But Virginia Jackson is anything but a virgin. In fact, she was given th...
From Shy To A Guy  by Mimansa139
From Shy To A Guy by Mimansa139
James Dawson, your average nerd, geek and every word for a high school loser, has a not-so-small crush on the head cheerleader who goes with the name Evelyn Edwards (who...
The New Girl by Vampmortal
The New Girlby Vampmortal
The bespectacled nerdy boy Casper falls in love with the amazingly beautiful Lovina, the new girl in the school. Little does he know that the girl he likes above all is...
𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐞 | A Collection Of Short Stories  by _purplesky12
𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐞 | A Collection Chanchal <3
𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐞 | A Collection Of Short Stories -It contains short stories from both Hindu and Muslim perspectives. I would love it if you could move ahead, read the s...
Nerdy Girl Is Not So Nerdy [EDITING] by DaninaBooks
Nerdy Girl Is Not So Nerdy [ CRAZY
He needs a scholarship. She's- well, she's just being nice. To him, she's just another nerd. To her, he's just a washed up jock. But when he finds out she's not Mrs.Shy...
The It Girl [COMPLETED] by joymoment
The It Girl [COMPLETED]by Joy
"This book is the perfect mixture of deep and hilarious. I'm in love with that" - crackhead4ever Teen fiction has given cheerleaders a bad rap. And stereotypi...
To Learn to Let Go | ✔ by JessMarie1017
To Learn to Let Go | ✔by Jess
Grayson Daniels is trying to cope with the trauma he suffered as a child when Trent, the beautiful local bad boy fights his way into his life. Will Grayson take a chance...
Sunshine  by Nandhini598
Sunshine by Nandhini
This story is about a broken girl who pretends to be happy and a nerd boy who changes himself for her
Raven Blackwell by DaneJLion
Raven Blackwellby ☘ Dane
A modern-day fantasy where an outcast clashes with a quirky billionaire in an epic battle of wits and wills. - 'Answer me!' Nerd Boy said, trapping me between his body a...
Complicated [Mafia Hijabi Story] by yussybabe01
Complicated [Mafia Hijabi Story]by yussybabe01
Eshaal a lovely spirited,religious, annoying, cocky but really nice muslim girl betrayed by her best friend, can't seem to trust anyone anymore and suddenly felt alone i...
Love in Georgia by the_ravenclaw_writer
Love in Georgiaby Mia Wellis
*Weekly updates* Clarisse Ricci, a fiery and intelligent Italian American amateur astronomer, knows how fleeting life can be. She's come to observe it firsthand, so she...
Talk Too Much: Auggie's Story-H.S. Fanfic by 1Dstuffjustforfun
Talk Too Much: Auggie's • mel •
Auggie Styles, Harry Styles' 3rd child, is a prodigy. He loves numbers. He loves math. He loves science. He loves knowledge. What he doesn't love is love itself. In fact...
The Prom Pact by starlightluvrr
The Prom Pactby love, rosie x
Romeo Darcy; he's handsome, a little awkward and indulges in literature in his spare time. Sabrina Lovie; princess of St Vincent High, art lover and has more friends tha...
Chloe and Jack's science project  by TheRomaneagle
Chloe and Jack's science project by Roman
Jack Russell, an energetic and shy dog, gets assigned to work on a science project with his partner Chloe Dalmatian, an intelligent and extremely sweet girl. Both Jack a...
as long as u luv me by njjoistar
as long as u luv meby 2
lots of school drama, very gay and a character list. the pictures r from pinterest btw♡♡ mpreg, drama, cheating and gay/lesbian relationships