24 Realization

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Bree POV

It was after a day since Clyde left, that the shocked of him leaving is beginning to dawn on me. I felt like I'm not myself and my mind felt like exploding from thinking too much. He never came home that night and the house felt empty without him. And as days follows without even a sight or news about Clyde, the uneasiness I felt grew. I felt like there is a hole in my heart that is aching everytime I think about Clyde. And I'm new to this feeling. I have never felt this sadness before. I felt devastated when dad died, but Clyde leaving me is a whole different kind of misery. It makes me feel empty inside. And that emptiness is eating me day by day. I tried calling him a couple of times on his cellphone but he doesn't answer any of my calls. I don't even know where the hell he is.

In my desperation, I found myself driving to Althea's dormitory. Nagbabakasakaling makausap ko si Althea and hoping I'll get some answer to Clyde's whereabouts.

I parked my car at the entrance of Althea's school. Isang oras na akong nagmamasid sa labas pasok na mga estudyante sa gate ng skwelahan pero walang Althea na pumasok o lumabas.

Napasandal ako sa kotse at napabuntong hininga. Nakita ko ang repleksyon ko sa rearview mirror at napatulala ako. I look like a mess. My hair is all over the place unlike my usual neat look. My face is pale as well as my lips. There are dark circle in my eyes due to lack of sleep. My blouse is loose and untucked. I realized that I just grabbed whatever I saw in my closet and my outfit doesn't even matched. I tried tucking my loose blouse in my skirt and quickly combing my hair with my fingers. I can't believe I went to the office looking like this. It is so not me.

And to top it all off, this is the first time in my whole career, that I excused myself in the middle of a meeting just to waste my time waiting for a girl that I may not be even lucky to see. It was unprofessional and so unlike me that everyone in that meeting room was looking at me like I have grown horns in my head. But I can't helped it. I can't go on another minute not knowing where Clyde is. I need to talk to Clyde ASAP.

Then my eyes widened when I saw a familiar face. I can't believe my luck. Mabilis ako napababa ng kotse ko ng makita ang papalabas mula sa gate ng school. My poise and composure forgotten when I ran towards her.

"Althea!" Tawag ko sa dalaga sabay kaway ng lumingon siya. Pero mabilis rin ang panunumbalik ng talim sa mata niya ng makita niya ako. She walked even faster and that made me run to stop her. Dali-dali ko siyang hinarangan.

"Anong ginagawa mo dito?!" Althea's scratchy voice made me swallowed hard.

"A-Althea, pwede ko bang malaman kung nasaan ang kuya mo? I tried calling him but he's not taking any of my calls. Althea I need to talk to your brother.." I pleaded pero mapang-uyam lang akong tinignan ni Althea.

"What for? I knew from the start that this would happen." Taas noong aniya na nagpayuko naman sa akin. But still, I needed to try to make her understand. I never intended for this to happen.

"Look, we had a little misunderstanding. I just need to clear things up with your brother. Help me find him, please?" Muling pilit ko pero matigas pa rin ang mukha ni Althea.

"Bakit kita tutulungan? You broke your promise. You hurt my brother! You don't deserve to even talk to him!" Galit na anito na ikinakuyom ng kamao ko. I know! And the fact that my mind agreed to what Althea said made me feel even worst. What she said was all true. Minata, minaliit, pinahiya at itinatwa ko ang kapatid niya.

"I'm sorry Althea. I guess all of this is really my fault and I'll fix this. I need to tell your brother that I'm sorry. Please tell him I want us to talk." Pag-amin at makaawa ko kay Althea. I felt guilty of everything and I owe Clyde an apology. Althea's mood darkened even more.

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