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The Undisclosed Union by Bubblydana
The Undisclosed Unionby Bubblydana
Katelyn Victoria Darcy, daughter of the late Viscount of Montgomery, whose privilege life has a drastic, changed when her father died. His death revealed the secret of t...
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Forbidden Fruit ✔️ by restlessbookreader
Forbidden Fruit ✔️by RJ Shay
Book one of the FORBIDDEN series! ** Nick Knight is the CEO of Knight Tech. He gets everything he wants, no questions asked. Hazel Richmond is his personal assistant. ...
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To Trap a Billionaire by CaylahWest
To Trap a Billionaireby Caylah West
Lyra grew up with a family of con-artists. It was all she'd ever known. And once she was old enough, her brother hatched up a perfect plan to give her the life she's alw...
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Broken But Yours by Gujiya
Broken But Yoursby Nikita
What happens when your heart says one thing and mind says the other? You realize an inner turmoil going on inside of you. You know what your heart is telling you is exac...
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Saved By The Boss [COMPLETE + FULLY EDITED] by wrappedinamystery
Saved By The Boss [COMPLETE + Ana
He's rude, he's arrogant and downright insolent. She's a damaged good with walls built so high it's a surprise even she can see over them. It's almost been a year...
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(TBS#2)  The Billionaire's  Stubborn Love by Glowing_Shadow
(TBS#2) The Billionaire's DIVYA NAIK
BOOK 2 OF THE BILLIONAIRE SERIES (TBS #2 ) Meet Ashley Ryan a girl who is hard and happy from outside but she is soft and broken from inside. She is good to one who ar...
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Since We've No Place to Go | ✓ by bateaux
Since We've No Place to Go | ✓by k. monroe
After Ingrid Kaufman drunkenly hooked up with one of her detestable co-workers at their annual office Christmas party, she didn't think things could get any more awkward...
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M@dly in Love by jswati200988
M@dly in Loveby jswati200988
"Miss Nandini Murthy , you have made a mistake , your focus is not on work,aapka dhayan toh kahin aur laga hua hai toh kaam hoga kaise" I Understand Girls like...
|Exceed Empire| by Karasaekano
|Exceed Empire|by |∆•¥•L|E|I|K•¥•∆|
In Los Angeles California, The largest company in the world named Exceed Empire is the talk of the state. The Finance Director, Vince Lyon, is a self absorbed head of th...
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Hooked | ONC2020 ✓ by Kaykay_is_vogue
Hooked | ONC2020 ✓by Iren KayKay
✪ Wattpad Ambassador's Pick. | ONC Round One Qualifier | | ONC Round Two Qualifier | ❝We regret to inform you that you have been engaged. We wish you the best of luck wi...
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It Started With Coffee [Harry Styles] by imaginationnxx
It Started With Coffee [Harry imaginationnxx
Nancy Lima A cute twenty two year old girl whose bubbly , cute , loves to do makeup and also likes to eat . She's currently doing her internship at Styles Inc and lives...
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Gift From God- (mxm)/Mpreg by BbANDLOVRr
Gift From God- (mxm)/Mpregby BbANDLOVRr
WARNING- M-Preg and no smut. Marked mature because of language. Oh and not for grammar freaks, sorry but it ruins my fun to write! Oh and... Having a Happy ending is th...
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Loving Hearts ♥ by Crazybookworm27
Loving Hearts ♥by Kunjan
This story is about Aditya and Meghna and their journey through ups and downs of life.. Join them in their journey..
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One Kiss by ribkadel
One Kissby Ribka Adelina Purba
Sumpah, belum kepikiran bagian descriptionnya apaan. Pokoknya cinta segitiga, ceritanya Bella. You know, that one from Ginting Danuadji and Partners. Yep, that one! Reme...
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Stone Storm & Style •|Shivika Fanfiction|• by Pratichi_05
Stone Storm & Style •|Shivika MissShivikaian
Cover credits- @aspiramdoc Genre- romance/drama/comedy Language- Hindi/English An Office love story of Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Annika Mehta. Totally opposite to each o...
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The Risk of Falling by ninyatippett
The Risk of Fallingby Ninya Tippett
Maxine Moss arrived in Pacific City to start a brand new life complete with her first real job as a marketing assistant at Hedenby Holdings. Life was supposed to be simp...
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The Boss And Me (Jungkookxreader) [Completed] by NinaAlona
The Boss And Me (Jungkookxreader) NinaAlona
Y/n, a single mother worked at new place and met her serious boss, Jeon Jungkook. While working they both tried to know each other but not touching love matters as each...
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Tangled Hearts by dreamerkr96
Tangled Heartsby dreamerkr96
Zara Ahmed is your ordinary girl, or so she thinks. She wants nothing more than to make her parents proud and to just be happy, for once. She is focusing on her first ye...
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Ishq by saltysarrah
Ishqby Sara
When everything else was falling apart, Shehryar gave Laila the job as his assistant. Now here they are months later in a very symbiotic and platonic relationship until...
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Key To Their Hearts by ekkladki
Key To Their Heartsby ekkladki
"Lo." (Here/Take) said the man before passing her the tea. "Why don't you walk home? The bus might be half an hour late because of the weather." He s...
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