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Bree POV

Halos mahawi sa isang iglap ang mga tao sa lobby ng Montecillo Group of Companies ng dumating ako. Tunog pa lang ng takong ko, alam ko, na alam na nila ang gagawin kapag ako na ang naglalakad papasok ng building na ito. Ayaw ko na mga hahara-hara na empleyado sa daraanan ko dahil tinatanggal ko ang sino mang nagkalat.

Wearing my loose V-neck versace blouse tucked in my high pencil cut skirt, my Alexander Wang bag and gucci shades, I entered my personal elevator.

I am the acting CEO for almost a year now, since the day that my dad was confined at the hospital but sadly passed away a month ago. It was my most darkest moment, but life goes on and in the corporate life, it is faster than a blink of an eye. The corporate industry is not a walk in the park. People clawed their way through just to be ahead of everyone. The higher-ups fought teeth to teeth for positions everytime. Some stab each other's back for promotions and recognitions. Others steal ideas just to be commended. And the worst type of people in this industry are the ones who bring people down just because they can. But I fought my way through all of them because I have to be in charge of the empire that my father built. I have to be the one to run the company and manage thousands of my employees.

Walking at the lobby to my office I saw my personal secretary balancing a bunch of papers, higher than his head and two coffees which I think is mine and his. Nilagpasan ko lang siya.

"Good morning ma'am!" Bati pa nito na hindi ko na pinansin. Tuloy-tuloy lang ako papasok sa opisina ko without even saying a word to him.

Yes, my secretary is a guy, and he's been in the company since I don't even know when. At kabilin-bilinan ni dad na hindi ko siya pwedeng tanggalin o i-appoint sa ibang position and I'm sure as hell, don't like it. I don't like the guy eversince we met and having a guy for a secretary is inconvenient for a woman like me.

Nagtiis ako ng one year sa kanya. The guy is undeniably reliable and efficient pero awkward lang talaga para sa akin na lalaki ang secretary ko and most of all, I hate his nerdy presence. Just the sight of him turns my day sour.

I'm closing my office door when I heard a loud crash. I can't help but roll my eyes out. Siguradong nagbagsakan na ang papers na hawak ng nerd na secretary ko. He's reliable but sometimes stupid.

I seated myself at my swivel chair and check my laptop for my emails. Then my nerd secretary entered with my coffee from a well known coffee shop and placed it at my table. I picked it up and was about to drink it when I saw his name on bold letters labeled on the cup.

C-L-Y-D-E. His name sounded handsome, high-class and stylish. And it doesn't suit it's poor and nerdy owner.

"This coffee is not mine." Matalim at inis na aniko sabay lapag muli ng kape sa lamesa.

"I...I accidentally spilled your coffee. Y-You can have m-mine." My secretary nervously said. And that's the only time I looked at him and I almost cringe. Not because his coffee-spilled polo has a big brown stain on his chest but because he is wearing an outdated, mustard polo shirt that looks like a costume for a seventies-themed party. Clyde instantly looked down and didn't meet my stares. I tried to hide my disgusted look by drinking the cup of coffee in my hand. My eyebrow raised as I sipped the coffee and soon my nose scrunched in total annoyance.

"What the hell is this?!" I boomed as I distastefully looked at the cup.

"C-cinnamon l-latte ma'am." He softly answered. My mood instantly soured.

"Just get me my fvcking coffee! Fvck! I can't even have a decent coffee at this ungodly hour! And do me a favor...throw that sickly sweet drink!" Gigil na aniko sabay ikot ng swivel chair ko paharap sa laptop ko.

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