7 Mrs. Santillan

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Bree POV

"You may now kiss the bride." mahinahong usal ni Judge Masangkay, kabaligtaran ng 'di mahinahong pagtibok ng puso ko sa sinabi niya.

Stupid me! Why didn't I think of the freaking 'kiss the bride' part?! I can't protest and tell Clyde that I refuse to do this. The marriage papers are not yet signed! Dammit!

Pinihit ako ni Clyde ng mapansing parang tuod akong 'di gumagalaw sa pagkakatayo. Tumitig muna siya sa akin at ngumiti ng ubod tamis. Samantalang ako ay pinipilit na hindi mapangiwi habang nakatitig sa mukha nito. His thick eyeglasses looks old with it's already fading color on it's big frame. Thank goodness his facial skin looks healthy and clean. But his hair... my Gawd! I mean, doesn't he ran out of gel? Sa dinami-rami ng gel na inilalagay niya araw-araw sa buhok niya, ang tanong... kelan ba mauubos ang supply ng lalaki?!

My hand sweated and balled into a fist when he encircled his arm on my waist and pull me slowly towards him, closing our gap. My lips closed tightly when I saw his face dipping slowly to mine. That Nerdy face is moving closer to mine! All I wanted is to push him but I held back.

For the company!
For the company!

My mind chanted. My eyes instantly closed when his lips touched mine. His lips is surprisingly soft and warm. I felt like I'm unable to breathe through my nose so I slowly opened my lips. Clyde seized that opportunity to quickly stucked his heated tongue inside my mouth, it's as if he is excited to discover the taste of my mouth. He playfully bit my lower lip that made me gasped then licked it as if to make up for it.  I felt myself drawn to how sweet and yet playful his kisses are and with the right amount of aggressiveness. It was sensual enough as shivers after shivers of delight shook my body. I can't believe that this nerd even know how to kiss, and all the more so, because he is a goddamn goodkisser! He is so good that my hand has it's own mind when it held him at his nape and pulled his head more towards mine. Then I suddenly heard an applause and some camera clicks and it snapped me from the trance of his expert kisses.

Mabilis na iniurong ko ang mukha ko at agad ding binawi ang kamay ko sa batok niya. My sudden withdrawal causes Clyde to straightened his back. I took a quick glance at him and I can see that he too, is shaken with how sensual yet sweet of our shared kiss was. I heard him cleared his throat and face our audience. He looked a little faze just like me. Naguguluhan kaming nagkatinginan muli at mabilis din kaming nagkabawian ng tingin. Ramdam ang biglang pag-init ng paligid.

Napipilitang napangiti ako sa harap nina Atty. Caliente, sa mommy ko, at sa kapatid ni Clyde na si Althea. Naroon din pati si Atty. Sison, my loyal lawyer. Agad ding iniabot ni Atty. Caliente ang mga dokumento at una na roon ay ang marriage contract at prenup na sabay naming pinirmahan ni Clyde. Sumunod na pinapirma sa akin ni Atty. Caliente ay ang dokumento ng pagsasalin ng pamamahala ng kumpanya sa akin, kasama na ang kabuang shares ko. Doon na hindi maalis ang genuine kong ngiti. I felt accomplished! Because finally, it's all mine. Agad ko ding iniabot lahat ng dokumentong tapos ko ng pirmahan kay Atty. Sison, ang aking personal lawyer.

At ten in the morning, wearing my white plain Sherri Hill dress and white plain louboutin stilettos, I became Mrs. Bree Montecillo-Santillan, The certified CEO of Montecillo Group of Companies.

We celebrated the wedding by eating lunch at a fancy restaurants together with my four witnesses. I cannot deny that my acquisition of the comapany puts me in a good mood. I even smiled back when Clyde smiled my way. But my eyes wanted to roll back when Clyde's eyes dipped down to my lips. Lingering there for a whole minute, with dirty thoughts,  I'm sure. I ignored the nerd and focused on finishing my food. I'm almost done eating when my business phone rang.

Bossy Bree Tahanan ng mga kuwento. Tumuklas ngayon