14 makes No sense

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Bree POV

We did our usual routine, he wakes me up to eat breakfast with him at sabay na kami pumasok sa opisina. A week pass by quickly with Clyde by my side. And I am starting to get used to his presence, but not comfortably.

Everybody run out of my way when I entered the lobby with Clyde behind me. But I can feel everybody's suspicious glances directed at me, like I had grown two heads in my shoulder. There is this inexplicable feeling that I am the topic of all their mumblings and whispers. Their eyes are full of curiosity as they stare at the man walking silently behind me. Alam kong nararamdaman na din ni Clyde ang mga bulong-bulungan sa aming paligid. Maybe it started when I didn't fire the accountant girl. Ugh! If only I stood my ground on firing her, nothing like this will happen. I saw manager Alex and there is this secretive smile on his lips that I instantly dislike. The impression that he gives is that he knew something but will deny it if questioned.

Napalingon ako kay Clyde, his head is bow down like a pitiful dog. I can't help the sigh that escaped my lips. Although I can get away with anything, it will be totally different for Clyde. With his mere status he will be criticize for having a relationship with his boss. A lot of speculation will arise. Either he'll be a laughingstock among his colleague because he became a boy toy to his boss or he'll be an opportunist who's after the position and money. It will be a no win situation for him. And also the fact na pinatulan ko siya, my gawd! The rumors will be a blow to my ego.

Pumasok na kami sa personal elevator ko at hinarap ko si Clyde. He was looking at me like he was ready for a confrontation pero bigla rin kaming nag-iwas ng tingin sa isa't isa ng bigla muling bumukas ang pinto ng elevator. Nakatayo doon ang isang matandang lalaki. He was looking at us like he saw something amusing between us. Miguelito Argueles is the company's chief operating officer and a friend to my late father. But I never liked the guy. He looked too shady for me.

"Good morning Bree. Can I?" Anito na ang tinutukoy ay kung pwede siyang sumabay sa elevator ko. I curtly nodded my permission kaya naman pumasok na ang matandang lalaki.

"I heard you made a heaping amount of donation to the foundation your father started? Will you be attending the charity ball?" Asked Miguel.

"Of course, Tito Miguel. We need that good PR for the positive image of our company and donating at a charity is one of them." I nonchalanty replied.

"Will you bring a date? You know, you need a man by your side to make you look more... uhm... stable. Perhaps the son of the bank magnate, Lucas Devauer? I can arrange it for you." My eyes instantly narrowed at what he said but the old man didn't notice and continue to ramble.

"You see, a lot of prospective investors will be at that charity ball and it will make the company look more...uhm... dependable if you have a date with a man like Lucas." Hindi ko maiwasan ang mauyam na matawa. Hindi na bago sa akin ang pagkwestiyon ng board of directors sa aking kakayahan dahil pinanganak akong babae. But attacking me like this is just too low even coming from my late father's friend.

"To appease your curiosity Tito Miguel, I'll be accompanied by my secretary. I'm depending on him to fill me in to whoever I need to shake my hands with. I admit, my social skills needs polishing." Nakangiting aniko. Pero tumalim ang mata ko at naging seryoso ang tono ko sa sunod na mga sinabi ko.

"But trust me Tito Miguel, that's the only thing I lack. I don't need a man by my side just to make this company looks stable. Men might rule this corporate battlefield but women like me...we are bloodthirsty. And women like me don't appreciate insults especially coming from our subordinates." My voice sounded firm and threatening that Tito Miguel instantly stepped backward. Napatikhim si Tito Miguel at nag-alis ng tingin sa akin. Kita ko ang pagkagat labi ni Clyde sa pagpipigil sa pagtawa. Tinakpan pa niya ng palad ang kanyang bibig.

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