Chapter 29

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Starr POV

We stood outside waiting on King to come get us. He need to hurry up its cold!

"Where is your boyfriend at? Do he not know its cold?" Des laughed.

"Don't put it like he not your cousin." I playfully pushed her.

"Damn y'all shaking like a stripper." Caleb walked by us laughing.

"Don't laugh. It's not funny." I laughed. I could see King driving up.

"Thank you Jesus!" Des yelled happily. That girl is crazy for real. We hopped in the car quickly without a word.

"Well hey to y'all too." Ray said from the backseat with Des.

"Oh hey big baby." Des cooed.

"Wassup." I mumbled.

"So how y'all day go?" King asked.

"Straight. Can you take me home? I want to get a few more things." Des said. We turned a corner headed in the direction of her neighborhood.

"Are we still on tonight?" King whispered to me.

"Are we?" I asked.

"I got work to do tomorrow so we got to do it tonight." He said.

"What kind of work?" I frowned.

"I got to go to Mexico for a few days." He told me.

"You decide to leave me at a time like this?!" I panicked.

"That's kind of fucked up King." Des said.

"You can stay with me and Des." Ray offered.

"Naw I'm just gone stay at the crib and hope don't nobody break in and murder my ass." I looked out the window. We passed by my old house. It was to ashes. I hate to even come this way sometimes. We soon approached Des's house and saw a lot of police officers. Des quickly jumped out with us.

"Ma what happened?!" Des panicked as two cops came out with her mom handcuffed.

"Go away Des." Her mom cried.

"Auntie what did you do!" King yelled.

"I turned myself in for the murder of Damon." She said nonchalantly. All of our mouths fell open.

"What?! Are you crazy?! You know we..."

"Shut up Des!" Ray cut her off. I stared at Ray. His eyes suddenly turned dark.

"What?!" He snapped at me.

"Calm down nigga. She ain't said nothing to you." King spoke out.

"Ma why?" Des cried as the pushed her into the police car and shut the door. Her mom mouthed 'I love you' to Des. Before we knew it all of the police left leaving us four alone.

"So you was just gone rat both of us out?" Ray asked nonchalantly.

"Hell yea! I don't want my mama going to jail for something we did!" Des hit Ray a muthafuka right across the face with her fist. He grabbed both of her wrist and slung her to the ground. There they go fighting and shit. I turned to King.

"So what we gone do?" I asked.

"I have no fucking clue." He humped his shoulders. I heard Des scream. I turned and saw Ray pinning her in the grass.

"Say you won't tell!" He yelled.

"Fuck you Ray!" She growled. He tightened the grip on her wrist.

"Say you won't tell or I swear to god I'm gone pull all your hair out!" He growled back.

"You killed Damon! I didn't! I can turn your black ass in and get my mama out!" Des rolled him over and punched him in the jaw. He pushed her back in the grass. I quickly pulled Des away while King pulled Ray away.

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