Chapter 3

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Starr  POV

I woke up that morning in King big bed. I looked down and saw a sleeping King on the floor. I knelt down and started singing in his ear. I don't know why but I always do that when I want him to wake up. He squirmed a little bit and sat up.

"Why you up early?" He said getting up.

"I got school." I said getting up. I'm a senior and glad this my last year. I just want to go to UCLA and get on my boss shit.

"So you leaving me?" He said with the sad face.

"Ima come back." I laughed.

"Naw mane fuck that. You leaving me." He said. This boy is so crazy. I just ignored his ignorant behind and went in the bathroom to shower. Once I stepped out. I saw the bedroom was empty. I quickly put on my underwear and bra before he came back. I put on my purple shirt that said Rated R, bleached skinny jeans, and grape 5's. I put my hair in messy ponytail. I grabbed my phone and went down stairs.

"King can you take me to school?" I said walking into the kitchen where he was. I found him leaned against the counter shirtless. I saw a tattoo of his mom name on his chest. King been working out. That sexy body is just too fine!

"Yea boo." He said heavily. I stared at him from his head to his toe. If he wasn't my friend I would love him till the break of dawn. I saw a smirk on his face.

"What?" I said feeling kind of embarrassed.

"Nothing. Lets go." He said chuckling as he walked out the door. I followed and hopped in his truck.

"I hope yo bitches don't mind me riding on yo passenger side." I said.

"Who Brandy?" He laughed.

"Brandy! Tia! Mara! Anyone of yo bitches." I said. He laughed.

"You sound jealous." He said calmly.

King POV

Starr is straight jealous of the females I fool with. She too pretty to be jealous of anybody. If anything they need to be jealous of her!

"What?!" She said.

"You J-E-A-L-O-U-S!" I said spelling it out for her.

"I ain't jealous okay!" She said getting offended. I soon pulled up to her school. Her young ass ain't but 18. I'm about to hit 20 next month in September.

"Have a good day." I told her.

"Bye." She said about to get out until I reached over and kissed her soft cheek. Damn what I do that for?! That's my friend! The only real friend I have! I saw her cheeks turn pink. Maybe she took it as a friendly kiss. Her eyes looked deep into me until she got out. Do I like Starr? Do she like me?

Starr POV

King kissed my cheek. I think it was a friendly kiss. Especially coming from him. I walked up to the school like a boss. My head held high and my attitude on point.

"Hey Starr. Wassup girl. Starr my girl. Looking good Starr." Was all I heard. These hoes and niggas love me. But they always come up short when I need them. King is the only friend I have. I walked in the school and saw Rhonda and her girls posted up on the corner by my locker.

"Move." I said sharply.

"Make me." She said.

"Rhonda. We are both seniors. This is our last year. Lets not end it with a fight." I said.

"So you scared now?" She laughed causing her friends to laugh.

"No hoe but that sew in is scary." I said.

"Bitch this is my hair. Get it right! I bet King know." She spat out.

"You hoes ain't got no respect for yourselves. King don't want your worn out ass!" I laughed.

"Oh and you think he want you?" She snapped.

"Well I do live with him. I do ride his Benz. I do rock his chain like a boss. And what do you have? A loose pussy." I laughed as I walked off. She was speechless. These hoes pathetic. They got to sleep with a nigga to get what they want while I'm getting it for free! Dumb hoe! I can stay a virgin and drive a nigga crazy. Haha.


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