Chapter 24

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Starr POV

The whole ride to school was quiet. The only thing we heard was Swimming Pools playing on the radio. Other than that it was a dead silence drive through my old neighborhood. I could see the last remains of my house. It didn't bring nothing but pain. I think King knew that because he sped out the neighborhood.

"You okay?" He glanced over at me.

"I'm good." I managed to smile. I could see my school approaching. I ain't been here in so long. I know me and Des got shit loads of work to make up. I sighed at that thought.

"You sighing now?" King giggled. I smirked.

"I got a whole lot of work waiting on me. I just know it."

"Ain't nobody tell you to skip school all them days." He laughed. I flipped him the bird. He stopped in front of the school.

"Bye." I wrapping my arms around his neck and kissed him.

"Bye baby. Ima pick you up after school. Don't go nowhere." He pulled off. I walked up the familiar steps and into the school.

"Long time no see." A voice said from behind me. I turned and saw Rhonda and Brandy standing there looking like some two dollar hookers. Brandy wore a long-sleeve fitted dress that stopped above her knees and high heels. Rhonda wore a crop top, leggings, and heels. These hoes sure know how to act up.

"Y'all must been looking for me?" I walked over to my locker. To my surprise they followed me.

"Nope but your boo have." Brandy laughed and pointed over to Caleb. I looked over at him and saw him talking to some girl I know from around the way. They looked to be interested in their conversation. I ain't gone lie I got a lil jealous but I ain't gone show it.

"That's okay Brandi cause your boy King be filling me up." I smirked. Her face fell.

"Hoe." Rhonda mumbled under her breath.

"Not exactly. See, I actually make sure I know the nigga name before I fuck him." I stated. People started to notice the fuse and stand around.

"Oh yes so when you fucked King, Ray, Roland, and Rj you had to remember all those names?" Brandy crossed her arms. People began whispering.

"Nope because I don't do all of them. But I'm sure you did." I crossed my arms also.

"Do we have a problem?" I looked over and saw Des standing next to me. My real nigga.

"The problem is y'all killed Damon!" Rhonda yelled.

"Girl we ain't killed nobody! Calm yo ass down!" I snapped. Brandy eyed me up and down.

"Let me find out.." Was all she said before her and Rhonda walked off. I grabbed Des's hand and pulled her back to my locker. By that time people started back to minding their business in the hall. Caleb came and leaned in from of me of my locker.

"What was that about?" He frowned.

"Move mane because you ain't real." I tried to push him out the way but he was too tall and strong.

"What yo problem is girl?!" He snapped.

"I saw you talking to that girl." I said calmly. I ain't even mad at that. I'm just mad at the fact I actually would consider a play boy like him.

"What they got to do with us?" He asked innocently.

"Leave me alone." I pushed him aside and opened my locker.

"I got to go to the bathroom." Des said.

"Aite i'll see you in a few." I nodded my head at her before she left.

"Why you acting like that, girl?!" Caleb snapped.

"Who you snapping at first of all?!" I slammed the locker shut.

"Them other hoes don't mean nothing to me Starr. You know I love you girl." He grabbed my hips.

"Well don't." I mumbled. He gave me a weird expression.

"What you talking about?" He asked.

"I ain't the girl you looking for Caleb. You are this sexy ass baseball player who got a future ahead of him. I'm just a hood chick looking for a way out. I'm too damaged for you! We ain't a good match love." I touched his shoulder. He just stared at me.

"But what about those people that trying to set a hit out on y'all crew?" He asked. I smiled slightly at the fact that he still worrying over me and my crew.

"Don't worry about us. We gone be okay." I smiled wider. He smiled slightly.

"So at least I had a chance to call the baddest girl in the school my girlfriend." He laughed. That made me feel so bad. I giggled a little.

"You can still call the baddest girl in the school your friend." I grabbed his hand and gave him a warm smile.

"Cool. Friends it is." He laughed. We walked down the halls hand in hand. We stopped at the girl's bathroom entrance.

"Stand out here. Let me go get Des." I walked in and saw her leaning against the sink with something in her left hand. My mouth could have fell to the ground.

King POV

I sat at the trap with my boys. I brought all then together because I knew the cops was gone check my spot first about the murder of Damon.

"Y'all know what I got y'all here for right?" I blew out the smoke I took in from the blunt I was hitting. Them niggas looked at me like I had two heads. Especially Ray! That nigga had guilty written all over his face.

"Naw what we here for King?" Roland sounded annoyed. He rubbed his eyes signaling that he had just woken up.

"Does the name Damon ring a bell?" I squinted my eyes at Ray. He showed no expression.

"Ooh I saw that nigga on the news this morning." A nigga we called Rocci announced. Rocci was like our smart dope boy. That nigga had the mind of a calculator! Too bad he got kicked out of the Georgia Tech for robberies on campus. I feel for that nigga.

"Yea I heard something about that." Ray mumbled. I stared at him. I'm sure Des told him about what she did so I don't know why he playing dumb. That nigga bout did it!

"So what that got to do with us?" Rj blurted out.

"If the cops come just tell them the truth.....we don't know shit." I announced.

"How you figure they coming here first?" Ray squinted his eyes.

"I know more than you think I know homeboy. Just know blood is thicker than water." I smirked. I just wanted him to know that Des will tell me before she would tell you, therefore, I already know what's up.

"Yo I got to bounce." He stood up and left. I laughed to myself.

Starr POV

"Mane I just know you ain't got no gun on school property Des!" I snapped.

"Lower your voice!" She yelled in a whisper.

"What you doing?!" I panicked.

"Handling business." She looked down at the gun. She had a tired look on her face.

"What's wrong?! Why you got a gun?! Who gave you a gun?!" I panicked once more.

"My home boy hooked me up." She mumbled. Her eyes never left the gun.

"Desiree." I said softly. She looked up at me with those brown eyes.

"Yea." She mumbled.

"What did you do?" I asked. She tucked the gun in her back pocket and took a deep breath. I knew it was a long story about to come out.


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