Chapter 2

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King POV

Starr and I went back to my house. Ain't no way I'm letting her go home. If she do i'm gone be there with her. We sat on my couch.

"You can invite some friends over." I told her. She looked real bored as we watched Criminal Minds.

"I ain't got no friends. You know that." She said dryly.

"Who fault?" I laughed. She giggled a little.

"Fuck you King." She said.

"You can fuck me anytime you like." I laughed. I saw a slight blush come on her face. It was so cute on her yellow ass.

"So how I'm gone get my stuff? I need my stuff." She kept saying.

"We can get it later." I said.

"It is later King." She said. She was right. The sun going down and shit.

"Come on let's be out then." I said grabbing my keys. We soon pulled up to her crib.

"Sit out here." She said about to get out. I grabbed her arm.

"Naw mane I'm going in with you." I said.

"I'm aite I swear." She said.

"Aite if you in there longer than 10 minutes I'm kicking down the door." I said. She started laughing but I was dead serious. She hopped out and walked towards the door. Her hips swayed from side to side as she walked. Y'all my best friend is sexy as hell. I swear if we wasn't this close I would do some things to her.

Starr POV

I went in and it was so dark in the house.

"Ma." I called. I got no response. I ran up the stairs and went to my room. I took out my two big Gucci luggages. Yelp King got me these for Christmas last year when we traveled to Paris. I began putting shoes in one and clothes in the other. I felt something on my butt as I was bent down in my closet. I turned around quickly to Damon.

"What you doing in my room?!" I said shaking.

"Checking on my baby." He said cornering me in my closet.

"Leave me alone Damon!" I yelled. He grabbed my waist and pulled me to him. His hands were all on me. I just screamed.

"Who gone hear you Starr?" He whispered in my ear. I tried to run past him but he grabbed me by my shirt pulling me to the bed. He slammed me down and got on top of me.

"Please stop." I cried. He didn't listen. He just pulled my pants down. I fought him with all my might but it only earned me a slap in the face. He pulled my underwear off roughly and began touching me down there. I cried with all my might for him to stop.

"Don't do this Damon." I cried. He slid his pants down and before I knew it something hard hit his head causing him to tumble down. I looked up and saw King standing there with the vase off of my dresser. Or at least the rest of it. The other part was cracked on Damon's head. I lied there crying. King pulled my pants up. Leaving my ripped panties on the floor.

"Go get in the truck. I'm coming down with your stuff." He said. I did exactly what I was told and ran out. I ran like I didn't plan on stopping. I don't ever want to see this house again.

King POV

It wasn't even 10 minutes yet. I just felt like Starr needed me. Then I come in and see him trying to rape her. Fucking pig. I saw him squirming on the floor. I kicked him in the stomach causing him to cough up blood on the perfect pink carpet. I got her stuff and went back to the truck. I hopped in and she was sitting there scared. Her hair was all over her face. She was trembling. I ain't never seen Starr like this. I reached over and touched her hand. She held my hand and stroked the back of it. This ain't the last time I'm gone see Damon. I want him to suffer. I pulled up to my house and got her out. I will get her things later. I picked her up bridal style and carried her up to my room. Her frail body was just shaking. I placed her on my bed. I pulled the sheets over her and walked back towards the door.

"King." She called out. I turned around and went back to her side.

"What you need ma?" I said stroking her cheek.

"Stay." She said softly. I looked into her brown eyes.

"Anything for you." I said sitting on the floor next to her side.


Starr N King

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