Chapter 17

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I sat on the passenger side of Ray's ride. I stared out the window at the different little kids playing in the neighborhood. I could see my house coming up. He pulled into my driveway and stopped. He just stared at my rundown home. I was kind of embarrassed. I live in the hood. I don't live in big fancy houses like him, King, and even Starr.

"You gone get out?" He said laughing.

"So you gone sit out here until I take a bath and get dressed?" I asked.

"So your moms can snap on my ass too?! Nawwww. Im straight." He said.

"Please." I said with the sad face.

"Nigga I don't know your folks like that." He said.

"I don't know you like that but I'm still going to get breakfast with you." I said crossing my arms. He laughed.

"Okay. I guess I'll go in and meet the parents." He laughed. We stepped out and walked towards the door.

"Boy pull your pants up and fix your shirt." I said trying to fix him up like I was his mom. I knocked on the door and my mom stood there with a not so pleased look.

"Desiree where have you been?! Do you know me and Ronny have been worried sick about you?!" She snapped. The bitching begins now. Ray and I walked past her.

"And who is this?!" She said pointing to Ray.

"Rayjon Thomas ma'am." Ray said extending his hand. My mom hesitated for a while but shook his hand.

"I am Lisa. Desiree's mom." She said.

"Ma can I go out for breakfast with Ray?" I asked.

"You just don't get enough of boys and trouble do you? You acting like you don't have a bullet scar on your side. Or the fact that you got a-" I had to cut her off.

"Mom stop! Just stop! I just won't go! Gosh!" I yelled out of frustration as I pulled my hair. Ray looked weird at me.

"I should just come back another time." Ray said. He stared at me for a minute before he walked out the door.

"Why you always tripping?" I asked my mom.

"I am your mom! What mom do you know isn't worried about her daughter coming home." She yelled at me. That did make sense but she ain't have to bring up the bullet womb.

"You was about to tell the boy all my damn business!" I snapped. I was about to brush by her but she grabbed my arm.

"Watch yourself Desiree. You'll be out on the streets like King." She threatened.

"For your information King big balling! You always tried to keep me away from him because you thought I would turn into a hood chick. Well open your eyes ma cause I'm as hood as it gets!" I said snatching away from her. She stared at me shockingly. I rolled my eyes and went upstairs. Shit I got to go check on my cousin.

Starr POV

I sat down on the ground in front of my mom and dad's grave. Mom's dirt was still fresh while dad's dirt had settled in with the grass. I still can't believe I lost my parents like that. I ran my hand across the headstones.

"Ma...da....I know y'all ain't pleased with the way I'm living. But it's tough out here in a LA alone." I said. I could feel tears forming in my eyes. I heard footsteps walking up behind me. I looked back and frowned.

"What you doing here Ray?" I asked. He knelt down beside me.

"Nothing. I kind of saw you from the highway." He said pointing to the highway.

"Oh." Was all I said.

"I just dropped Des off." He said. I looked over at him.

"What y'all did all night?" I asked.

"We ain't do nothing." Ray laughed. I ain't damn near believe that.

"Mmmhmm." I said. I noticed he stared at my parent's headstones.

"What's on your mind?" I asked.

"You strong Starr. You been through so much and you still out here grinding. I ain't even that tough." He said shaking his head.

"I ain't tough." I stated.

"Shiiiit. Any female who parents die, beat up her step dad at her mom's funeral, pull a gun on some niggas, and threaten a church got something trill on her mind." He said. I laughed.

"Maybe I'm just fucked up in the head." I laughed.

"Maybe" He smirked. We just sat there letting the slight breeze hit our skin. For a minute I felt like I had no worries but they came back once I thought about what King told me to do. It just rang through my head like a bell. I suddenly remembered what me and Des heard. We heard Rhonda and Brandy talking about the hit out that was on us. Now ain't that some shit.

"Did you know them niggas put a hit out on us?" I said out the blue. Ray's expression was unreadable.

"Yea I heard you say something like that at the party. This wont be the first hit out on me." He said calmly never looking at me.

"We got to be aware." I said.

"Naw..Naw we got to be smart." He said.

"What you mean by that?" I'm confused now.

"Don't fall victim to their bullshit. Play smart. Don't be lurking and shit. Just stay cool like me." He said nodding.

"I saw them at the hospital earlier. They was saying lil slick shit that really made me mad." I said getting mad all over.

"Wait. Why they at the hospital?" Ray snapped. I humped my shoulders.

"But King told me to kill them." I said. It didn't even feel right to say that.


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