Chapter 14

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Starr POV

I walked into the house and saw King sitting on the couch smoking a blunt with Ray. They looked like they was gone to the moon. They looked up at me with low red eyes.

"Sup blood." King said.

"You looking good Starr." Ray smirked.

"Nigga!" King said shoving him in the side.

"Ouch." Ray said like a lil kid. I rolled my eyes and went into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and got a bottle of water. Since we back to the basics I decided to get the guest room. It's a nice size. Plus I got my own bathroom. You know I can't stay mad at King for long but I do hate I gave it up so freely. But that's my Bestie. Fuck that shit we was up on. It was a mistake. I walked up the stairs and into my new room. It was rather spacey. I got to get me some stuff to decorate it with so it won't look so boring. I took my shoes off and crawled on my bed and turned the TV to my favorite show, Pretty Little Liars. Don't judge me! I suddenly heard a knock at my door.

"Who it be?" I called.

"That nigga you call King." King said.

"What you want King?" I sighed loudly. The door open and he walked in. He closed the door behind him.

"Guess who came to the trap today." He said plopping down on my bed beside me. He got laid out like this was his bed.

"Who?" I said sipping my water.

"Brandy! That hoe lost her mind!" King said. I giggled.

"That's your hoe. I told you bout leading these broads on." I said looking at pictures from Instagram on my phone. I scrolled to a picture that was very disturbing.

"Look." I said showing King. It was a picture of Rhonda, Jonathan, Damon, and Brandy throwing up a gang sign. It was the crew that was beefing with King and his boys.

"Look at them fuck niggas." He said shooing the phone away.

"They some opps." I said.

"What the fuck is a opps?" King said with a confused look.

"Nigga don't play stupid. You know we used to call people that when we was lil." I said.

"I swear I don't remember." He said playing with the end of my hair.

"A opps stands for a opposite. They against us." I explain.

"I like that word." He smirked as he nodded.

"Yea that opps told me she was pregnant with your baby too." I told him.

"She told you that too?! That hoe better move around! She know I strapped up every time we fucked! See that's why you don't wife these hoes now! You just fuck them and dump them!" He snapped. I sat quietly and tried not to make eye contact with him. I cant believe he just said that. I guess he noticed because he sat up and sat closer to me.

"Naw Starr I'm sorry. You know that ain't what I think of you." He said wrapping his arms around me.

"No it okay." I said getting up going to my dresser.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to that party with me and my crew." He said.

"Naw I'm straight. I got to stay focused in school." I said looking at him through the mirror. He stared at me with a curious look.

"School? You could come up with a better lie than that baby girl." He said getting up and walking behind me. He grabbed my hips and placed his head on my shoulder. I stared at our reflection. We actually looked cute together.

"You like the sight of this?" He asked.

"We like Boonie and Clyde." I laughed.

"But the best friend version." He said. I turned to him and our face was inches away from each other's. his hands that once gripped my hips were now on my ass. I slowly pushed him away and walked towards the door.

"Starr." He said heavily.

"Yea?" I asked.

"You down for the party?" He asked.

"Me and Des gone be there." I said then left out.


Starr and I split up at the corner. I decided to hit up the store before I go home. I walked in and went straight to the candy section. Ma told me if I don't stop eating so much candy I ain't gone have no teeth.

"Hey pretty girl." I heard a voice from behind me. A familiar voice. A voice that will get you to melt in your shoes. A voice that is up to no good.

"So we meet again." I said as I turned around to Jonathan.

"You look better and better by the day girl." He said playing with my hair. I slapped his hand away.

"You was talking to Starr. You ain't no good Jon! You knew I was King's cousin!" I snapped. He smirked that devious smirk.

"I don't know what you talking about baby girl." He laughed. I can't believe he playing dumb with me.

"Just stay away from me." I said about to walk off but he grabbed my wrist. He pulled me back to him but closer. His eyes looked more darker than usual.

"I stay as close as I want to and you know this." He said through clenched teeth.

"Go to hell." I said pulling away forcefully. He looked down at me like I was his worst enemy.

"Don't act innocent around King and Starr now Desiree or "Des". They don't know the shit you did and got into in Miami!" He snapped. I froze up in my position. I wanted to talk but I couldn't! Lord give me the strength to do something!

"I got to bounce." I said brushing by him and out the store. Without looking back I ran down the sidewalk all the way home.



1. King and Starr?

2. Jonathan not cool?

3. What did Des do in Miami?


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