Chapter 22

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King POV

This nigga up here being a bitch. He confessing his love and shit like that's gone make a difference. I hope Starr ain't falling for that bull.

"You never loved me Jonathan! You just used me to make your way to the top! All you needed was a fine broad by you! You NEVER loved me!" Starr snapped. You could hear how her voice shook as if she wanted to cry.

"And you did me the same way! You got me in all type of shit!" Des snapped also.

"You need not to say nothing before I expose you!" Jonathan yelled at Des.

"Lower that tone homeboy." I told him. I can't have no nigga yelling at my cousin like that.

"King who told you to speak?! I thought I was talking to Des!" This nigga must be feeling hisself!

"Please let me kill this fool!" Ray begged.

"Kill me then!" Jonathan begged.

"Everybody shut the hell up!" Starr screamed over all our loud voices. She held the gun beside her. Her finger was still on the trigger.

"Lets just go." Des said.

"Naw you stand your skinny ass right there!" Starr snapped on Des ass. Whats wrong with this girl.

"Starr what's wrong with you?" Des had a confused look.

"You bullshitting Des. Why you ain't tell nobody you was being a hoe in Miami?!" Starr spoke. Everybody exchanged confused expressions. I saw a devious smirk on Jonathan's face. I don't know if it's me or did Des just turn a little pale. I ain't never seen no caramel girl turn pale.

"What you talking about?" She had confused written all over her face.

"She playing dumb now." Jonathan stood next to Starr. I don't know if it's just me or do they look like they ganging up on us.

"What she talking about Des?" I asked. Des looked at Ray who just looked frustrated, confused, angry, and irritated all in one.

"Okay! Damn! I was a prostitute but I needed the money. Yea I regret it but it helped me and ma! This muthafucker got me shot!" She pointed at Jonathan causing all of us to look at him.

"What?" Starr said surprised. She looked up at Jonathan.

"You the cause of that ugly ass scar on her?" Her voice started off calm but once he didn't answer she got loud.

"DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT GET HER SHOT?!" She yelled this time.

"Des should just stop trying to be a thug if she can't handle the street game!" Jonathan yelled. We suddenly heard police sirens. Everybody ran to get in their cars and pulled off. I sat in Des's car with her. We swerved off like a G.

Starr POV

I sat in the backseat with Roland. It was quiet. I slipped the gun underneath the seat.

"Why you ain't kill that fool?! We had him!" Rj explained.

"Then the nigga calling my girl out." Ray gripped the steering wheel.

"Calm down!" I am frustrated. I just want to get King's whip and go home. The dropped me off in the alley and I got in the truck and swerved off. I was grateful once I walked into the house and didn't see King. They must not be here yet. I jogged up the stairs and into the room. I stripped down out my clothes and got in the shower.


I pulled up to King piece and we just sat there. I stared off into the night.

"You okay?" He asked. I snapped out of my thought and looked over at him.

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