Chapter 1

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King POV

I don't trust none of these niggas round Starr. All they be trying to do is fuck her and pass her. I would know cause that's how I do these hoes. But Starr ain't like these hoes round LA.

"She good nigga." I said taking the shoe from him. He just gave me a funny look.

"Chill out King. He ain't mean no harm." She whined sounding like a little kid.

"Get back she like females anyway." I lied. That's the only thing that will get these niggas away. And some just dont care.

"Oh I'm sorry miss." He said walking off. I looked at Starr and she had her face twisted at me.

"He ain't gone hurt me King. I need a boyfriend anyway." She said trying on the shoe. It fitted perfect on her foot.

"You just don't know how these niggas do." I said. She just ignored me and boxed the shoe. We went to the front and paid for it. We walked past a few girls. They mugged Starr hella hard.

"Who them?" I said.

"Some hoes." She said.

"Want me to blast them?" I laughed.

"Naw fool." She said playfully hitting me. We went to a couple more stores and bought a lot of stuff. And guess what! I ain't get nothing for myself.

"I'm hungry." She said as we hopped in my truck.

"Me too. Go cook us something." I laughed. She smacked her lips and smirked.

"Lets go to your house. I don't want to go home." She whined. I did exactly what she said. We pulled up to my big lavish house. Two stories, big yard, nice car. Yea I got it good. We went in and was kicking it. She knew my house like the back of her hand.

"Now go cook." I said pushing her off the couch. That ass went rolling on the floor. It was so funny.

"Trick!" She said jumping on my back and put me in a choke hole. I sat on the couch and smushed her between my back and the cushions.

"Ahhh!" She screamed. I hopped up and ran on the other side of the couch.

"Oh I'm gone whoop yo ass play boy." She laughed.

"Do it." I smirked. She walked over and hugged me with all her might. I hugged her back. I love my friend.





Starr POV

I woke up laying in King's bed. I ain't slept like that in forever. With all the noise Damon and ma keep up I can't never sleep. I hopped out of bed and went in his bathroom to use it. I came out and saw him sitting on the edge of his bed texting.

"Who you texting? Brandy?" I said climbing back in his bed and under his soft sheets.

"Yea! Guess what this hoe just texted me?!" He snapped. Shit I'm almost scared to ask.

"What?" I said softly.

"Talking about she pregnant. That hoe better move around. I barely fuck that hoe. But I do get that good head from her." He said. I laughed at his last comment.

"Forget her. I want you to settle down with somebody. Stop doing these hoes." I said. It got quiet. I could tell he was thinking by the facial expression.

"What's on your mind?" I asked.

"Nothing lets go to the trap." He said quickly trying to change the subject. We left out and pulled up to his trap. A couple of his boys and hoes stood out on the porch. We got out walking like some bosses. You couldn't tell us we wasn't the shit.

"Wassup King." Ray Ray said doing a handshake with him.

"Sup." King said walking up in the house leaving me out front. I sat on the steps. I noticed everybody was watching me.

"Hey!" I snapped.

"Who you?!" One of the girls snapped. Who this raggedy bitch think she is.

"Starr!" I said coldly.

"Well you rolling with my man!" She said throwing her long braids and putting her hands on her hips.

"I don't give a fuck what King is to you! I'm gone kick it with him regardless. Get it? Got it? Good!" I said getting up and walking in the house where King went. I heard the boys laughing at her dumb ass.

"King where you at!" I called out. I got no response. I walked all through the house and didn't see him. He probably just fucking one of his hoes out back. I grabbed a sprite and sat on his couch.

"Sup daddy's girl." A voice said from behind me. I turned around and saw Damon with a smirk. I mean I knew he was on that shit just like my stupid ass mama but why here?

"You not my daddy!" I snapped. He came and sat next to me.

"I can be." He whispered in my ear.

"Fuck outta here!" I said jumping up.

"Why you here?" He said laughing.

"Why you here?!" I challenged.

"Chilling." He laughed.

"King don't even like yo dumb ass! He gone tag that ass once he see you!" I yelled.

"Who ass I got to tag?" King said coming from the back.

"Nigga where was you?" I said. His attention was on Damon.

"Why the fuck you here?!" He said pushing me out the way.

"I just wanted some crack." Damon said standing up off the couch.

"Well wait yo bitch ass outside!" King yelled. I tried to hold him back but he pulled out my grip.

"Aite I'm out. But I'll see you at home." He said smirking at me and walking out.

"You ain't going home." King told me.

"Why?" I said.

"Because if he touch you I'm gone put him six feet under." King said through clinched teeth. Deep down I knew he really meant what he said and said what he meant.



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