Chapter 18

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King POV

*two weeks later*

I woke up feeling dizzy. The morning sun seeped through my window like a ball of fire. I attempted to get up and close the curtains but failed. The door crept open and Starr peeked around the corner. She walked in with a smile. But she wasn't alone. Following behind her was Des and Ray.....and that nigga Caleb.

"Wassup dogggg!" Des loud ratchet ass yelled out while throwing her hands up.

"Why you so loud?" Starr whispered while covering her ears.

"I hear you get out this joint today playa." Ray said.

"Yea I guess so." I mumbled. They all leaned against the wall to the right of me.

"You got me feeling some type of way laying in this hospital bed." Starr giggled. She looked like she hadn't been getting no sleep. Her hair was in a ponytail. She wore her Abercrombie sweats and a oversized t shirt. She wore her Nike socks with her Nike slippers. She looked rough. Des on the other hand looked descent but not fully. She had on some bleached jeans, a Chicago Bulls jersey, and her bred 11's. Her face looked worn out too. Her hair was still tied up in her scarf. Ray looked the same everyday. He had on a oversized white t shirt, Levi jeans, and forces. To my surprised he looked rough. I don't even want to talk about Caleb because right now he got his arms around Starr's waist.

"Did y'all not get any sleep these past weeks?" I broke the silence. They all started shuffling around.

"I didn't. I had to stay up and run your shit for you." Ray announced. His voice sounded heavily as if he just woke up.

"Well I just can't get my mind wrapped around the fact that you in here." Starr admitted. Des just kept quiet and stared at me.

"Well y'all need not to ever do that again because y'all look ugly." I smirked. The room burst with laughter. Even Caleb started laughing. The door suddenly opened. A nurse walked in with a arm full of papers. She wore a bright smile that I been seeing for the past few weeks now.

"Hello Brandon." She announced while walking to my bedside.

"Wassup Nurse Walker." I smirked.

"You are leaving today." She unhooked some of my things. My arms felt free from all the needles and tape.

"That's wassup." I attempted to get up slowly but my shoulder brought excruciating pain. I guess Starr saw the pain in my eyes and ran over to my side.

"Take it easy." She said while trying to help me. I stood up but my shoulder was killing me.

"I just need a family member to sign these papers." Nurse Walker smiled. Des leaned up off the wall and took the papers. She scanned over them before she started writing.

"I will be back in a few." She smiled and left.

"Come help me get dressed Starr." I smirked. I didn't want to wear no nurse gown. To my surprise she looked back at Caleb for conformation. He slightly nodded. She turned back to me and smiled. That kind of made me mad. She had to get conformation to come help her best friend! I mugged that nigga for a minute then walked into the bathroom with Starr.

"What was that about?" I whispered to her. She wore a confused look as she helped me take my gown off.

Starr POV

Once I peeled the gown off him it revealed his nice toned up body. My cheeks began to burn with red as I looked him up and down. I can't help but look at his man hood that was once inside of me. I suddenly got embarrassed. Who sleeps with their best friend?!

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