Chapter 11

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Starr POV

I found King and Ray downstairs talking but they stopped once they saw me and Des.

"Don't stop talking. Because if I find out my name been in the conversation I'm gone kill a bitch." Des said sitting on the couch from across them.

"And if y'all been talking about me....keep talking cause I like being the topic." I giggled with Des.

"Yen lying!" Des laughed.

"Mane ain't nobody talking about y'all." King said shooing his hand at us.

"Don't let King lie to y'all. We was talking about y'all." Ray snitched. King gave him a glare.

"Thank you Ray." I say hugging him.

"Snitch." King mumbled.

"King I told Starr you was taking us out to eat." Des said batting her eyelashes and putting on a adorable smile. Is this what this bitch do when she try to get her way?

"When the hell I say that?" King said calmly.

"Des you play too much." I told her.

"Yea nigga it would be like a double date. You and Starr and me and Des." Ray said.

"Starr is my friend." King assured.

"And we are nothing." Des told Ray. King and I burst out in laughter.

"You ain't even have to handle me like that." Ray chuckled.

"On second thought lets go. This should be interesting." King said.


We sat in a booth at Apple Bees. Nothing too fancy. My steak and baked potato sat in front of me. It looked good but I wasn't that hungry. Everybody else was eating and talking. Not me. I was zoned out in my own little world. My mama gone. My daddy long gone. I don't have a home. I got to stay with a friend. Somebody need to put a bullet to my head and stop my misery.

"Star." I heard King call. He sounded like he had been calling me for a while.

"Huh?" I said.

"You aite?" He said looking concerned.

"Yea why you ask?" I said sipping my pink lemonade.

"We been talking to you and you ain't say shit." He said.

"Sorry." I said stabbing my steak.


I have known Starr for about a week now. She cool peeps. I just hate she go through so much. But I noticed something else.....her and King's chemistry. They need to gone and get together. Fuck that best friend shit because they ain't fooling nobody. I wouldn't be surprised if they told me right now they fucking. Hold up! Wait a minute! I just know I don't feel Ray hand sitting on my thigh. I looked down and saw it sitting there.

"Boy you don't know me! Don't be pulling that LA shit on no Miami bitch! I will set it off in this bitch!" I snapped. King and Starr stared at me weirdly. But Ray snatched his hand away quickly.

"Nigga you over there touching my lil cousin?!" King snapped.

"Mane your cousin bad as fuck!" Ray smiled. Ray isn't bad looking. He had that dark brown skin just how I liked my niggas.

"Aww that's so cute." Starr cooed.

"Ugh! Really?!" I snapped.

"Yea baby. We could have a family." He said wrapping his arms around me. I looked at him like he was out his mind...BECAUSE HE WAS!

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