Chapter 35

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Starr POV

I woke up feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. School today and I really don't want to go. But the fact that my fiancé is lying next to me makes me feel as if everything is cool.

I rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and took a long shower. I stepped out and wrapped the towel around my body.

I opened the door to a bell full of roses and a plate with breakfast sitting on the night stand.

"Hey girl." King came up behind me and placed soft kisses on my neck.

"Baby. You shouldn't have. I got school." I moaned out.

"You won't be late." He assured me before placing me in the bed and putting his tongue between my legs. Oh my gosh.


"Bay where my shirt?" I asked walking through the house looking for Ray.

"I don't know. I think I saw it in the living room." He called. I jogged down stairs and grabbed my shirt off the couch and went back upstairs.

I wore my black t shirt, zebra print leggings, and black comeback boots. I curled my hair.

"King and Starr out here!" Ray yelled from down stairs.

Just on time. I grabbed my purse and phone and jogged down stairs.

"Bye baby. I love you." I kissed his cheek and ran out and got in the truck.

"Wassup." I said. King just smiled and Starr glowed.

"What the hell wrong with y'all?" I laughed.

"Look!" Starr turned around quickly and showed me her ring. That bitch was bad too!

"Aww baby congratulations." I hugged her. No wonder she was looking like a new person today.

She wore a long sleeve blouse that hung low at the back, flower leggings, and low top boots with a heel. Her make up was on point. Her flat hair was laid. Baby was bad!

"I just know I'm in the wedding!" I looked from her to King and back to her.

"Yes Desiree! You know I'm gone let me homegirl be in it." She laughed.

Starr POV

We pulled up to the school and got out.

"I love you baby." I cooed.

"No I love you more Starr Jackson." He smirked.

"I like that." I giggled.

"Oh break this shit up! You gone have both us late for class!" Des started pulling me away from the car and towards the school.

"So you sure you want to get married at 18?" She asked.

"This is how I see it. I am already pregnant. Why not make this official since we gone be stuck with each other forever anyway." I stated. She just stared at me.

"I'm honestly happy for you. I just want you to be sure about this and don't flake out like I know you to be." She laughed.

"I won't flake out." I threw my arms over Des's shoulders as we walked into the school.

"Hey amigos." Caleb walked over to us and threw his arms around both of us.

"I still hate you." Des rolled her eyes causing Caleb and I to both laugh.

"I like you too Desiree." He laughed.

"Look Caleb!" I showed him my ring.

"Damn girl. Somebody put a ring on it quick!" He laughed.

"King did it." I smiled.

"Happy ass. But I'm happy for you ma." He said being serious for once.

"Today we vote for homecoming." Des said.

"I'm voting for you for queen." I told Des.

"Don't vote for me! I don't like that stuff!" She yelled.

"I don't care. I don't like it either." I laughed.

"I'm voting for you for queen and Des for maid of honor." Caleb said. We all walked to home room and sat in our usual spot in the back.

"Okay class. I will pass out a slip for homecoming. Just put a check by the name you choose." Mr. Holmes said.

Once I got my slip I scanned the names. We only had senior names. The other classes had their class and senior classes.

I put a check by Des's name for queen, a check by my name for maid of honor, a check by Caleb's name for king, and a check by Josh Turner's name for my escort.

Josh Turner is the star basketball player. Like Caleb is the star baseball player. It's like you have to pick popular people.

We turned our slips in and started back with our conversation.

"Where is Brandy and Rhonda?" Caleb asked. Des and I cut our eyes at each other.

"Uhhhh I have no idea. Wherever they at let them stay!" Des growled. Caleb stared at us both.

"Aw shit! Don't tell me y'all fucked up!" Caleb whispered.

"No. Why would you say that?!" I snapped.

I know Caleb my buddy and all but I don't trust him with this secret.

"I don't know. Y'all just look crazy." He chuckled.

The announce speaker popped on with principle Nicks.

"Good morning students. I will be announcing homecoming now." He said.

Everybody cheered except Des and I.

"Y'all some nonchalant muthafuckers." Caleb said.

He announced all the the freshman, sophomore, and junior maids.

"This years 2013-2014 homecoming queen and king is Desiree Jackson and Josh Turner!" Everybody in the class cheered but not Des.

"Now y'all heard me sat I don't want to be queen!" Des snapped causing everyone to laugh.

"We just wanted a pretty boy and pretty girl to represent the class." Taylor laughed.

"And this years 2013-2014 maid of honor and escort is Starr Harris and Caleb Scott!" Once again Everybody in the class cheered.

"Congrats Caleb." I smiled over at him but his attention was on something else. I followed his gaze down to my ring.

I slowly moved my hand out of his gaze.

"Sorry. It's just that I can't imagine you and King getting married." He admitted.

"That's not the only thing." I whispered.

"Don't tell me you dropping out of school!" Caleb yelled.

"Shut up! No I'm not dropping out! I'm pregnant." I said the last part quietly.

"You what?" Caleb asked confused.

"I'm pregnant Caleb." I placed his hand on my stomach. He quickly pulled away.

"Heck no! You only 18 Starr." He complained.

"Last time I checked this was my life. If I'm fucking up let me be." I frowned. He just nodded.

"You right. That is between you and King." He said softly.

The bell rang

I got up and headed to first period.





The day rolled by rather slow. People congratulated Des and I for our win. If it was up to us we would choose one of those preppy cheerleaders or those pretty smart girls. What did we have that those girls didn't?

"Popularity baby girl. You and Des are envied by these hoes." Caleb laughed.

"We are cute though Starr." Des pranced around the school parking lot.

"Yea but we barely come to school half of the time." I laughed.

"Trust me. Everybody knows you Starr. You might not be queen of this school but you the queen of them streets and they now down to you." Caleb whispered to me.

"Des just got here like a month ago." I said watching Des talk to some preppy cheerleaders.

"She is most liked in this school. Now I don't know how she is in those streets because you run them." Caleb said. I saw King approaching from a distance.

"I don't want to have the title as queen of the streets. I didn't do anything to own that title." I frowned.

"Yea you did. You talk to King." And with that being said he walked off leaving me standing there thinking.

"Come on Starr!" Des yelled from the truck. I jogged over to them and got in.

"Maid of honor huh?" King smirked.

"How you find out so quick?" I asked.

"A little bird told me." He laughed. I looked back at that little bird sitting on the backseat smiling from ear to ear.

We dropped Des off and headed home.

"Did you know people labeled me as the queen if these LA streets?" I said quietly. To my surprise King didn't look surprised.

"Yea I mean you are the queen. You been the queen every since we met." He said.

"We were little kids." I said.

"And people knew then I was gone come out on top. So they went and labeled you queen and me King." He shrugged.

'I'm no queen. I'm Starr." I crossed my arms and stared out the window.

"You my queen." He said softly. I just smiled to myself. Wr pulled up to his crib and I saw a silver Porsche with nice rims sitting in the driveway.

"Oh you got company." I said getting out.

"Nope this for you." He wrapped his arms around my waist. I couldn't hold it back. I burst out in tears.

"Baby why you crying?" King turned me to him and wiped my tears.

"You are so nice to me and I never did anything for you." I cried,

"Yea you did. You made me the luckiest man in the world." He kissed my lips.

"Now lets take your car for a spin." He said. I looked back at the shiny car and got in the drivers side. The inside was all white. There was a video player on the radio. There were Gucci rugs at the bottom. King went all out. Another tear escaped. But this time a tear of joy.


King is just sooo sweet!

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