Chapter 27

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Starr POV

We pulled up to Ray's crib and honked the horn a couple of times. It took them damn near a hour to come out. I was satisfied when I saw them coming out. Des was looking real cute. She wore her black fitted crop top, camo shorts, and black pumps. She had all her hair up in a messy bun. Real cute.

"Where the fuck she going with them little shorts on?" I heard King mumble but I left it alone. They both got in the truck. I felt some hostility between them.

"Well hey to y'all too." King foolish self said pulling at. I giggled.

"Hey." They said at the same time. I turned completely in my seat and looked at Ray and Des.

"Who spoiled y'all milk this morning?" I turned my nose up. They both started trying to explain to me at the same time. They both talked over the other. I just turned back around in my seat and looked at King in the corner of my eyes. He just shook his head.

"Can y'all stop speaking at once!" King snapped.

"Des can't be trusted." Ray mumbled.

"They our friends! And King is my cousin! You trippin' young blood!" Des rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

"But you promised me! If you knew you couldn't hold water you should have never promised me." Ray snapped.

"Just be lucky you ain't in jail!" Des snapped back. It got uncomfortably quiet.

"So you ain't think she was gone tell us? You think me and King the police or something?" I asked calmly.

"She ain't tell me. I knew Des all my life and knew she did something she had no business." King stated.

"I ain't even pull the trigger." Des stated.

"But you told me too!" Ray growled. I am tired of this arguing. I was so happy once we pulled up to Des's house.

"Here goes nothing." She mumbled as we all got out. We walked up to the porch and she knocked loudly.

"Ma open the door!" She yelled. we all looked at her crazy.

"Damn why you so loud?" I asked.

"Cause she don't like to get out the bed." Des gave the door another hard knock.

"Who the hell is it?" A woman's voice came from on the other end of the door.

"Ohh shit." Ray mumbled.

"It's me ma. Open up." Des whined. The door swung open revealing a woman no taller than Des. Des and her mom looks so much a like that its almost scary. She looked over Des's shoulder at all of us. At King in particularly.

"Wassup auntie Kenya?" King faked a smile. Her gaze left King and landed on Ray. Her eyes squinted at Ray as if she knew him already. Then her gaze landed on me. If looks could kill, me, Ray, and King would have our cases on first 48.

"Des where was you last night?!" She snapped on Des.

"She stayed with me ma'am." Ray spoke out. She frowned up at Ray.

"I told you about hanging out with these ole thugs you call friends!" She pushed Des into the house.

"I should tell all of your parents!" She yelled at us. Ray and King parents don't want them and mines are dead. Good luck with that.

"Auntie you tripping! You can't even let her tell you what she got to say!" King snapped. She narrowed her eyes at us and opened the door wider for us to come in. There was a scared looked Des sitting on the couch. I sat beside her and Ray sat in the other side of her. King sat on the other side of me.

"Start talking." The woman sat on the couch across from us. We looked at each other determining who would start it off. Fuck this. I will break it down to her.

"Are you aware that Damon is dead?" I asked. Well damn Starr that was a dumb as question. I mentally hit myself for asking that.

"Yes and whoever did it is going down!" She snapped. Well no need to speak any further. I looked at King to take the story over.

"Damon has caused nothing but hell for all of us. Especially Starr. He killed her parents and had the nerve to threaten all of us." King added.

"What does this have to do with Desiree?" She asked.

"Well you did bring him into your home!" Ray said in a duh voice. Kenya scanned all of our faces closely.

"Des if you were uncomfortable with him around you should have told me." Kenya said.

"You was so into him ma and I ain't want to hurt you." Des cried. I wrapped my arms around her.

"Tell her what else happened." Ray nudged Des.

"How about you tell her." Des mumbled to Ray.

"King, man tell her." Ray suggested.

"Why I got to tell her? She don't even like me." King shrugged.

"Somebody please enlighten me!" Kenya yelled.

"I kind of told somebody to kill Damon." Des slumped down in the couch and covered her face. The expression on Kenya's face was priceless.

"What?" She sounded shaky.

"I told Ray to kill Damon and he did. But I had a good reason!" Des said louder.

"What reason could you possibly have to want someone dead?! What reason Desiree?!" Kenya yelled.

"He raped me!" Des cried out. Now everybody's expression was priceless. The room got quiet as everyone took in the new information.


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