Chapter 20

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Starr POV

The ride was silence. We drove through the hood a couple of times looking for them fools.

"I'm starting to say fuck this mane." Roland whined from beside me. He been whining every since I got in here. I looked at him with a annoyed look.

"Shut up mane!" Ray snapped.

"Ray Ray pull over I think I see them." Rj pointed at the basketball court. Ray turned his head lights out and pulled over to the side of the street. The black Benz was damn near invisible in the dark. They looked like they were getting ready to leave. The only person I see is Jonathan. No Rhonda, Damon, or Brandy. Good.

"Aite we gone catch that nigga alone." Ray said loading his gun.

"Naw I'm gone set his ass up." I smirked. I had the perfect idea in mind. They all gave me looks as if I was growing two heads.

"Mane King gone whoop our ass if you have a broken nail. I ain't trying to get you shot." Roland said.

"I got this. Jonathan is my ex! Trust me I got this." I said.

"Fine but take this." Ray handed me his gun. Everything that me and Jonathan used to be began racing in my head. The good times we used to have. That late night creeps I used to do. The early morning texts he would send me. Those boxes of chocolates on valentines day. I suddenly remembered how crazy I was about him.

"I don't think I need that." I pushed the gun back to Ray.

"See mane I told you she was a opp." Roland mumbled.

"Shut up nigga!" Rj grouched.

"I ain't no opp! I'm just smart about some shit." I admitted.

"I see why King cool with you. You fine and you street smart." Roland smirked. I giggled and stepped out into the night air. I saw Jonathan packing his bag getting ready to leave.

"Jon." I called out. He stopped and looked around before his eyes met mines. He had a confused/worried look on his face.

"What you doing out this late. Don't you know what thugs do to little girls like you that's walking alone?" He asked while packing his bag again. I slick miss the way me and Jon used to be. But not as much as I love my best friend, King.

"I run these streets. This ain't Miami playboy. This LA." I stated. He chuckled a little.

"Well let me rephrase that. Don't you know what thugs like ME do to little girls like you that's walking alone?" He looked up at me and walked closer.

"I'm not scared of you Jonathan. I ain't none of them weak bitches like Rhonda and Brandy. You ain't gone punk me out." I said with full confidence. I stopped walking backwards as he walked towards me. I stood hard as a stone. His body grew closer to mines. I could feel that familiar touch I felt back when we were dating. His arms snaked around my waist as he pulled me in gently. My hands rested on his rock hard chest.

"I knew it was a reason you was my favorite girlfriend." He smiled so innocently. I pushed his chest as I tried to move out of his grip. But I failed. Our bodies were glued to each other. I knew Ray, Rj, and Roland was watching this. They probably on the phone with King right now.

"Let me go Jonathan." This time I managed to get out of his grip.

"I thought you loved me Starr." He had a questionable look on his face.

"I thought you loved me too asshole! But that ain't stop you from whooping my ass and plotting on my crew!" I'm getting mad now.

"It's strictly business baby. You could've been ridding in a Benz and sitting in a mansion with me. But you wanted to fuck with them opp ass niggas." I knew he was referring to King, Des, and Ray.

"And what about Des?! How she get that big ass bullet wound on her side?! You bet not let King find out or he gone kick your ass!" I yelled.

"Tell Des to learn her position! She need to stop hoeing so much! I bet you ain't know that hoe was a prostitute back in Miami!" He yelled back. Those words just rung through my head like a bell. A prostitute?!

King POV

I'm flipping through the TV channels while Starr out doing lord knows what! I hope she ain't with no nigga! I told her bout being dumb to they game! I stood up and grabbed my phone. I tried calling her. No answer. Then I tried calling Ray. No answer. Fuck it I'm gone call Des.

"Hello." She said almost in a whisper.

"Where you at?"

"Alley." She admitted.

"What the fuck you doing at the alley?" I asked.

"What the fuck you doing at the alley because I see your truck!" She stated. My truck?! Starr left in my truck. Damn this girl up to no good.

"Is there anyway you could come get me?" I asked.

"I could drive ma car. And I got some shit to tell you!" She yelled.

"Oh word! You can spill it to me once you come get me." I said.

"Aite bet." And with that being said we hung up. I quickly hopped out of bed and put my shoes on waiting for Des.


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Oh yea!!! Opp stands for opposite if you did not know

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