Chapter 19

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King POV

I let Starr drop Ray and I off at the trap. I told her that her and Des could go anywhere they wanna go just don't fuck up or get fucked up. I sat down counting the money my boys made.

"Yo King when we gone take these fools out?" Rj asked as he sat across from me on the other couch.

"Stay patient my nigga. We gone take them niggas out when they least expect that shit." I smirked while still counting my money.

"Brandy fake." Roland said out the blue.

"Yen know! That bitch got it coming for her though since she fucking with my cousin and Starr. I don't play that shit." I got mad all over again. I wrapped my money in rubber bands and stuffed them in brief cases. I could feel a sharp pain suddenly hit my shoulder. Pain struck my face.

"You aite mane?" Ray asked with raised eyebrows.

"Yea." I grabbed my shoulder and leaned back on the couch with shut eyes.

"Want me to call Starr up here so she can doctor on your punk ass?" Roland laughed causing the others to laugh.

"Naw." I said. That was the last thing I remember saying.





I woke up in my room on my California King. I roamed the room with my eyes in search of someone. I reached for my phone and saw it was 3:00. I felt that sharp pain in my shoulder once more. The sun beamed through my window like a fireball. I heard shuffling by the closet. I turned over and saw Starr in nothing but her bra and underwear. She was unaware that I was woke. She roamed through the drawers looking for her clothes I guess. I stared at her curvy hips and thin waist that I once gripped. Her long tanned legs and hair hung down her back. I got a sexy best friend. I still cant believe i had sex with her. I would be lying if i said i didn't regret it though. She slowly put her legs into her white bleached jeans. They hugged her hips snugly like they usually do. She grabbed her grey American Eagle shirt out and put it on covering her once bare body. I instantly missed staring at her. She sat on the bed causing it to dip from her weight. She was still unaware that I was awake. She got her phone and dialed a number. I wonder who she calling.

"Hello?" She said in almost a whisper.

"No I'm just getting dressed. I will be there." She said stroking her hair back. I just stared at her as she spoke. There was a long pause.

"Yelp he's sleep...I think." She said. I quickly closed my eyes as if I was sleep just in case she turned around. Just as sure I could here he shifting in her spot as if she turned to look at me.

"Yea he sleep." She said a little more confident now. I opened my eyes slightly and this time she was standing up but her back still facing them. She sighed and closed her eyes tightly.

"Yes I'm sure about this! At first i wasn't but now i am! This ain't no game!" She growled to whoever it was on the other end. I could tell she was getting annoyed.

"You can't let Ray, Des, nor King know about this." She begged. That kind of threw me off right there. Don't let us know what. I thought about making noise to let her know I was woke but I wanted to hear more. She giggled a bit.

"I love the way you think." She smirked. Maybe she talking to another nigga. I could feel my blood starting to boil. I don't know why but I hate when niggas try to fuck with Starr.

"Cool see you there." She said as she hung up. She walked over to my desk in the corner and wrote something on a sheet of paper before leaving out the room quickly. I waited until I heard the front door slam shut to get out of bed. I walked over to my desk and read the note. It read:

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