Chapter 21

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Starr POV

"A prostitute?! You can't make me believe Desiree was a prostitute!" I threw my hands on my hips.

"Then you don't know your 'friends' as well as you thought you did!" He snapped while putting emphasis on friends. I stared at him for a split second until I looked at the ground.

"You ain't got nothing to say huh?! That girl been locked up and everything!" Jonathan snapped.

"Shut up!" I yelled. That's when I heard car doors closing. I looked back and saw Roland, Ray, and Rj stepping out the car.

"We got a problem homeboy?" Ray asked while walked towards us. His eyes narrowed at Jonathan.

"So you brought company." Jonathan said through clenched teeth.

"Y'all killed my mama!" I cried out.

"And y'all shot my nigga!" Ray grouched.

"I didn't kill your mama and y'all had a gun on us first!" Jonathan said in his defense.

"Bull shit!" I yelled.

"Mane let me kill this nigga real quick!" Rj said pointing the gun towards Jonathan. His eyes grew wide as he saw the gun pointed towards his head.

"No don't!" I screamed while getting in front of Jonathan.

"Move Starr! If this fool really want to kill me let him!" Jonathan said while pushing me out the way causing my petite body to fall to the ground.

"Ouch!" I screamed. I guess my scream was all it took because a fight broke out between all the boys. The gun slid right beside me as the boys rumbled. I grabbed it and stood up. I looked at it for a while and felt power. I felt something I never felt before. I felt the urge to kill. I looked at the fighting boys and saw how they kicked Jonathan's helpless body. A part of me wanted to tell them to stop but another part of me wanted to join them in the kicking fest. This shit got to stop.

"Stop!" I yelled while pointing the gun towards them. At Jonathan in particularly. They looked at me like I grew another head.

King POV

I sat patiently on the porch waiting on Des slow self. This girl will be late for her own funeral. I finally saw her pull up in her mom's old Buick.

"Hop in!" She yelled out the window. I hopped up and got in.

"So you sure you saw my truck in the alley?" I asked. I'm almost to say Des don't know what she talking about and she just got me out.

"Yes! I was in the alley King!" She explain. I stared at her for a few minutes.

"Why was you at the alley anyway?!" I asked never pealing my eyes from her. I concentrated on her face to see if she was lying.

"Don't worry about that! Just know Starr is up to no good!" She snapped. That brought me back to that mysterious conversation Starr had earlier.

"Got any clue if she might be meeting somebody or something?" I asked. She just humped her shoulders. I cursed under my breath.

"She probably out with Ray because I don't know where he at either." She finally admitted. That ain't make me feel no better. Why would my best friend and my nigga be out together? Something ain't right about that. I pulled my phone out again and tried to call Starr.

Starr POV

Right in the mist of gunning Jonathan down my phone rang. I pulled it out and saw it was King.

"Wassup." I said with the gun still on him. Ray, Roland, and Rj just stood behind me with concerned looks as I spoke on the phone.

"Where the fuck you at?! You could have answered the first time! And why the hell my truck in the alley?!" He snapped. I had to hold the phone away from my ear at one point.

"Lower your voice!" I yelled back. The other end got quiet.

"Is that King?" I heard Ray ask. I slightly nodded.

"Where you at Starr? Just tell me that you are okay, please." He begged. His voice suddenly sounded sincere.

"I'm okay King. I'm at the basketball court with Ray, Rj, and Roland. We got Jonathan gun point." I smirked at a scared looking Jonathan in front of me. A brush of guilt started to wash over me as I stared at my 'used to be boyfriend'. His eyes was filled with worry.

"I got to go King." I hung the phone up and put it in my back pocket. I stared at him for a second then past him at what looked like Des and King. I slowly lowered the gun from Jonathan.

"What the hell you doing Starr?! Don't be crazy." Ray grouched.

"I can't do him like that." I admitted. Jonathan stared at me.

"Why the hell not?! He was gone kill yo ass!" Roland snapped.

"Shut up!" I yelled at them. I'm getting frustrated now.

"Don't kill me Starr." Jonathan begged.

"Drop the gun Starr." I heard King. Him and Des ran towards me.

"You don't want to go to jail Starr. He ain't even worth it." Des said. I looked at them.

"You love me too much Starr. Don't forget all the good times we had baby." Jonathan begged. I could see King's blood boiling. He look like he want to say something but he keep quiet. We all keep quiet.





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