Chapter 7

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Starr POV

My mama and I sat on the bench in the park feeding the birds. I didn't want to do this shit but I like being around my mom sober.

"What if I said I got a job at the Apple Bees uptown?" Mom said. I am so proud of my mom. I can't wait to tell King how much she changed. Oh wait. We beefing.

"I'm proud of you mom." I said hugging her. I could have swore I felt her cry on my shoulder but I'm not sure.

"What about your job?" She asked. Oh shit. Here go another thing I got to explain to her.

"I don't want to be around Damon." I said softly as I looked down at the ground.

"Why?" My mom said with a confused look.

"When I came back for my clothes and stuff Damon came in my room and-" I said but I couldn't figure out how to tell her.

"And what Starr? Tell me." She begged.

"He tried to rape me ma but King beat him up." I said letting a tear fall but I quickly wiped it away. My mom stared at me with a blank expression. I felt so uncomfortable telling her this.

"Rape you?!" She said sounding heart broken.

"Yea." I said. Before I knew it she hugged me tightly. I just cried in her shoulder as she stroked my back.

"Mama is here. I won't let anything hurt you anymore." She assured me. And for some reason I felt more relaxed.

Unknown POV

I watched as they hugged while feeding the birds. Those bitches just don't know they got it in for them. I got the perfect plan. I'm just waiting on the right time and I'm gone pop off....literally.

King POV

I'm on that good kush and alcohol.

I got some down bitches I can call.

I don't know what I would do without yall.

But ima ball till the day I fall.

Yea long as my bitches love me.

The music blast through the house as the hoes walked around half dressed. I only invite these hoes to my trap. Never to my house. I just fucked up with Brandy ass.

"King I thought you was gone get me a diamond necklace for my birthday last week." One of the females said sitting next to me. Her body was swole. Her long gold weave was in a curly ponytail. Her breast damn near popped out her shirt. Her ass made her look well. But to be honest I ain't know this girl. So how I tell her I was gone but her a necklace?

"What's your name baby girl?" I said rubbing her thigh.

"So you don't know my name?" She giggled.

"Hell naw." I ain't mean to be blunt with it but I was just being honest.

"My name Lisa." She said. Shit I still don't know her.

"The girl you call Mona Lisa." She laughed. I guess I still had a confused look because she kept giving me hints.

"The Lisa you fucked last week!" She snapped.

"Ohhhh the one that got the good head." I said being sarcastic. This hoe know not to snap at me. One call and her broke ass will be right back on the streets.

"Well where my necklace?" She said running her hand on my chest.

"Sorry boo. I spent my last dime on Starr." I lied.

"Starr?! That bitch I always see you with?! What she got that I don't got King!" She yelled causing everybody in the house to stare at us.

"She got class now bitch be out." I said shooing her away. She pouted and stormed out the front door. Ray came and sat next to me with his bitch sitting in his lap.

"Nigga what just happened?" He whispered.

"Who these hoes think they is?" I said angrily.

"She must thought she was gone get some money out of you?" The girl laughed.

"Shit yea. She better move around." I said beginning to roll a blunt.

"That's Lisa for you." The girl said shaking her head. That's a shame if your own friend say you no good.

"Baby go chill. I'm about to holler at King for a sec." Ray said kissing the girl in the mouth. She stood up and strutted off.

"Nigga you kissing that hoe in the mouth!" I snapped.

"She ain't no hoe. That's my girl." He said smiling. I ain't never seen Ray ass smile this hard over no girl.

"Where you meet her at?" I said taking a puff.

"She was at the bar crying talking about her man left her so you know I had to be captain save a hoe. He laughed. I burst out laughing. This nigga is crazy. But the laughing died down.

"Where Starr at anyway?" He said.

"What you looking for my best friend for anyway nigga?" I said.

"Shit you always smile when she around. I just wanted to know." He said throwing his hands up in surrender. Roland came and sat on the other side of me.

"Ray yo bitch back there dancing face down ass up." Roland laughed.

"Shit. Not again." Ray said running off. We both laughed.

"She doing that for real?" I laughed.

"Naw I just wanted to fuck with him." He laughed. Roland is something serious.

"So why you over here alone alone? Better get one of these hoes." He said.

"I ain't alone." I said holding up the blunt.

"Nigga that ain't better than pussy." He said snatching it from me and smoking it.

"Yea you right. But if I'm gone get some I ain't getting it from these hoes in here." I said snatching my blunt from him. He laughed.

"So is Brandy better?" He laughed.i couldn't say nothing after that.

"Thought so nigga." He laughed as he got up and walked off. Starr is worrying g me sick. I didn't get a call, no text back, no nothing. I hope she aite.

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