Chapter 31

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Starr POV

"Why in the hell would you do that?!" I snapped. Ray and I were up at one of King's drug dealers, Roland, tattoo shop. We only came here to get our minds off of Des for a minute before we go on our killing spree.

He got his ass up here eating some greasy ass chicken while doing my tattoo.

"Sorry shorty." He laughed.

I flinched in pain as I felt it going through my skin.

"I'm almost done Starr." He concentrated on my waist as he rubbed his hand across the ink.

"It hurtttttt." I whined.

"Toughen up!" Ray snapped. The TV in the shop turned to the news about Des. It suddenly got quiet. Ray tried not to even look at the innocent picture of Des they showed on the television.

"Yo Ro, I'm going on break." One of his workers called.

"Aite." Roland answered never taking his eyes off my waist.

"I'm done shorty." He smirked. Ray walked over and looked at it.

"That's tough." He nodded. I stood up and looked in the mirror. It was a lot of stars going up my whole side. I liked it.

"What that suppose to represent?" Roland asked.

"My name Starr right?" I laughed.

"She lame." Ray smirked. I gave Roland the money and said my goodbyes before walking out with Ray. The ride was quiet.

"Ray both of us trying to avoid the situation but it ain't going nowhere." I'm just being honest.

"I know I just wish I knew who had her." He hit his hand on the steering wheel.

"Who do you think have her?" He cut his eyes over at me.

"Brandy, Rhonda, and Jonathan. They the only ones that don't like her." I spoke the obvious.

"Do you know where any of them live?" Ray asked.

"I know where Rhonda live. Over by the mall I think." I remember the school bus dropping her off there when we were little. He swerved the car around so quick causing me to swing to the side.

"Where the hell you going?!"

"To find that bitch!" He said through gritted teeth. We swerved through her neighborhood.

"Which house?!" Ray said furiously. I pointed to the one with the old Honda in the front. We parked across the street just in case we had to set a murder scene. We don't want our car out front.

"Aite so what we gone say?" I asked.

"Shitttt, where the fuck my girlfriend!" Ray snapped.

"Hell naw what if her mom here. We don't want to go to jail!"

"Fuck that! They wasn't thinking bout jail when they kidnapped my girl! Now I'm gone roll up in this piece and speak my mind or just do it the hard way." He said patting his gun in his jacket. I forgot I had Mary Jane with me.

And yes I call my 9 mm Mary Jane because she just what I need when I'm stressing.

"Lets do this shit." I smirked. We stepped out and ran across the street. We stepped onto the porch and I let Ray knock on the door. We heard shuffling in the house.

The door open revealing a woman in her late 40s. She had heavy bags under her eyes and short gold hair sort of like Rhonda's. She stared at us with droopy eyes.

"May I help you two?" She asked annoyed. Ray pushed the door open and walked in. I hesitated but followed him in.

"Where your hoe daughter at?!" He snapped.

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