Chapter 28

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Yea shit show nuff hit the fan now! I watched as everybody had these shocked expressions on their face. Ray cleared his throat.

"So she told me to kill him and I did. I will do anything to keep your daughter safe ma'am." Ray confessed. My mom looked over at Ray with teary eyes.

"Y-you three! You don't mean my Desiree any good!" She cried.

"Ma they helping me!" I yelled at her.

"Shut up! We moved here to keep you out of trouble! And soon as you found King you been damaged!" She yelled.

"But aunt Kenya-" King started but ma struck him across the face causing his skin to go red. Starr jumped up and grabbed King to keep him from attacking my mom. Ray also tried to hold King back.

"That shit wasn't necessary! I always tried looking out for Des! Don't blame me got her stupid ass mistakes!" King growled. I ain't gone lie like that didn't hurt.

"I see why my sister ran off and left your sorry ass! You just a piece of shit! You and that hoe you found on the streets!" Mom snapped at King and Starr. The words didn't affect Starr but I could tell King was hurt because his eyes turned red. Why did ma do that. She know he get emotional when we talk about auntie Victoria.

"You ain't got to bring that shit up!" I screamed at ma. She grabbed me by both my arms and shook me uncontrollably. Starr pushed her.

"You ain't shit! You say King ain't shit but you the one that's a sorry excuse for a mom." Starr stated a fact.

"You remind me of when my mama used to be on those drugs real bad! That's not cool. At least you still got a chance to tell your daughter you love her! My mama and daddy dead man!" Starr broke out in tears.

"You have nothing to do with me and my child, lil girl." My mom threw her hands on her hips.

"Ma why are you so angry at them?" I cried. My mom paced back and forth scratching her head in frustration.

"You better hope you don't get locked up like your daddy did!" She threatened me.

"Fuck this I'm out!" King stormed out the house. Starr gave me a sympathetic look and shook her head as she walked out. I looked over at Ray leaning against the wall.

"You can leave too." Ma told him. I gave him a pleading look. A look telling him to please not leave me here with this psychotic woman. He sighed and rubbed his head.

"You coming Des?" Hd raised his eyebrows. I looked back at my mom and she gave me a sad look.

"Ma I'm sorry." I pleaded.

"Des please stay out of trouble! I don't wang you to end up like your daddy." She sounded concerned all of a sudden.

"I won't." I told her before leaving out with Ray. Who would have thought we would have this much drama before 9:00 am. We hopped in the truck and swerved off. It was some uncomfortable tension in the air. I wish someone would say something.

"You alright Des?" Starr asked after a few minutes.

"Yea it's nothing." I lied.

"You still want to go to school because we can skip." She suggested.

"Naw we need to go to school. I need to keep busy." I mumbled. It got quiet once again. I was glad once we approached the school.

"Have a good day." Ray said to where I could only hear. I simply nodded and got out with Starr. We walked into the crowded halls.

"Don't look affected or nothing! People might catch on." Starr told me. I nodded. We put on our best smiles and walked down the halls and to our first class. I sat in the back by myself. Thinking to myself. What if Brandy and Rhonda try to tell the police we did it? What if Jonathan try to kill us like he promised. This is a fucked up life I have. Yes it is. That's when I noticed the whole class was looking at me.

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