Chapter 15

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Starr POV

Friday finally hit and me and Des was gone hit up that party. We was looking fresh as hell too. I wore a high low red tank top that read 'I'm hot no matter what season', my red bottom pumps, a leather blazer, and my shiny red heels. I had my hair in a messy bun. I looked over at Des. She wore a white button down blouse, her school girl plaid skirt that revealed EVERYTHING, her suspenders made her skirt draw up higher. She put on her heel converse, and nerd glasses. She put her hair in a messy ponytail with a ribbon on it. This girl's swag was the true definition of a nerd.

"King is gone bust yo nose once he see you wearing that lil ass skirt." I laughed.

"Girl King can kick rocks." She said.

"King can do what?!" King said bursting in my room. His eyes scanned out outfits. Me and Des just stood still as if we were getting frisked in prison.

"You and you need to put on some better pants." He said pointing to both of us.

"What?! What's wrong with my tights?" I whined.

"I ain't changing." Des said crossing her arms.

"First of all I can see the print of your pussy through them tights. Second of all you gone change because I damn near can see the pink and blue underwear you are wearing under that skirt Des." He said.

"Boy hush up and go put on a shirt." Des said leaving out the room. I stared at his six pack. He moved closer and closer causing me to bump into the edge of my dresser.

"Ray on his way. He told me them opps was gone show up so I need you to be scrapped." He said. His body was now pressed against mines.

"You telling me to carry a gun?" I asked. He just stared at me with those brown eyes.

"Will you?" He said pulling a small 22 out his back pocket.

"You lost your mind King! No!" I yelled.

"Well just stay close to Des so I can know y'all aite." He said placing the gun on my bed and walking out. I walked over to the gun and picked up. It did look nice. I tucked it in the back of my tights. I just might need this.

King POV

I walked down the stairs and saw Ray and Des talking. It died down once I walked in there.

"Nigga didn't I say stay away from my cousin!" I snapped at him.

"Yo cousin want me man!" Ray said.

"Ray shut up!" Des said. Starr walked downstairs.

"Damn Starr I thought you would never come down!" Ray said.

"Lets go before I punch Ray in his throat." Des said. We all walked out. I noticed something in the back of Starr's pants. I touched it and she turned around.

"What you doing?!" She snapped. Ray and Des turned to us quickly.

"What is that?" I pointed to the back of her tights. Ray and Des looked at her butt.

"She scrapped!" Ray silly ass screamed and ducked.

"Ahhh!" Des silly ass screamed. Them two is made for each other.

"Shut up! It's protection." She said. We hopped in my truck and drove off. We pulled up to the building that was crowded with people. We stepped out into the dark night.

"Ooo Starr. We gone be two of the baddest females in the club." Des ghetto ass said jigging.

"Girl you know it!" Starr agreed. We paid 7 dollars each and got in.

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