Chapter 26

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Starr POV

Every since I left school I been trying to make up sooo much work. King even offered to help me at one point but I passed on his offer. I closed my Economics book and put it in my backpack that hung on the back of the chair.

"Starr." I heard King call. I threw my backpack over my shoulder and walked upstairs to our room.

"Wassup." I pushed the door open. He sat on the bed on his IPad in deep thought.

"I was wondering when you was gone stop being professor Starr and come hang with me." He placed the IPad on the nightstand. I laughed at that comment. I actually want to make my money legally. I crawled into the bed next to him.

"Somebody got to bring the bread in the house in the future." I laughed.

"I'm doing that now!" He sounded offended.

"King ain't nobody trying to live off that illegal ass money you got! Baby you got to go back to school." I got serious.

"School?! I don't need that. I got my paper." He said flipping through a couple of hundred dollar bills stuck in a rubber band. Yea he getting paid but not the right way.

"Well you do know I can't stay here forever right? I got dreams too and what you got going ain't fitting in the picture, baby boy." I touched his shoulder.

"So you gone just leave me all alone?" He had a little hurt in his voice.

"I got to go to college King." I frowned. He just nodded.

"So you gone leave your best friend and not look back at me? That's fake as hell ma. Considering I took care of you when ain't nobody want you." He said in almost a whisper. I felt bad because he was only telling the truth.

"King I would be lucky if I even get to see the day I graduate. These streets ain't no joke. I can be here one day and laying on the sidewalk with a bullet to the head the next day." I shook my head. I know ma and da would love for me to go off and become some doctor or lawyer. I can't let them down. I may even be with the LAPD so I could lock up Brandy and Rhonda hoe asses. I smirked at that thought.

"Why you smiling?" King asked. I looked at him and smiled.

"Because I got the best boyfriend in the world. And nothing will change that." I kissed his cheek.





The morning sun hit my eyes like a lazier. Thank god it's Friday. I got out of bed and went in the bathroom. I washed my face then brushed my teeth. I ran my bath water then pulled pandora on my phone. I sat in the tub and let the heat take over my body. A few minutes after I got out and dried off. I walked back into the room to see King still sleep.

"Wake up!" I yelled. He jumped so hard causing me to fall to my knees laughing.

"That shit ain't funny mane!" He threw a pillow at me. I struggled for air as I was on the floor laughing my ass off.

"I'm....sorry." I said in between laughs. I finally got myself together and stood up from the floor.

"I bet this ain't funny." He said snatching my towel off my still wet body.

"Omg! Give me the towel King." I begged. I tried covering up all the important parts with my arms. He smirked.

"I like the view Starr." He laughed.

"Come on!" I got impatient. He ran to the other side of the room with my towel. I ain't got time to be playing with him. I dug in the drawer for my matching Victoria's Secret panty and bra set. I quickly put them on before King could stop me.

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