Chapter 12

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Starr POV

I woke up and noticed Kind wasn't in the bed. That figures. I sat up and grabbed my phone off the nightstand and saw several miss calls from King and Des. I decided to call Des first.

"Hello." She said sounding sleepy.

"You called." I said.

"Girl yes! How about Ray found my number and was blowing my ass up all last night!" Her ratchet ass yelled into the phone.

"You know you like Ray. You need to stop fronting." I giggled. Ray and Des would make a cute couple. They both act crazy in my opinion.

"Girl stop lying to yourself." She laughed.

"I got to go Des. I plan on doing something with my life today." I laughed.

"Aite chick." She said.

"Bye." I said then hung up. I called King.

"Hello." He said heavily. I heard a lot of talking in the background. Sounded like he was at a damn frat house.

"Where you at?" I asked.

"Trap house. You need me to come get you?" He asked. He knew the deal. He don't go nowhere without his right hand chick. Yelp that's me!

"Yea ima be ready in 30." I said.

"Aite." He said then hung up. I showered and did all my hygiene things and started getting dressed. I put on my American flag tank top that cupped my breast but flared out at the bottom, some ripped jean shorts, and red and white converse. I curled my hair with the flat iron. I threw on my Gucci shades and walked downstairs to the kitchen. The front door suddenly swung open. Sit that scared me! King bust his wild ass in here like he crazy.

"Boy I thought I was gone have to empty the clip on you!" I said holding my chest.

"You will never guess who I saw!" He said pacing back and forth.

"If you say Damon bitch ass I don't care. If I see him I might beat his weak ass again!" I snapped.

"Nawwww." King said frustrated. He picked his pace up walking back and forth. He was looking real mad now.

"Who then nigga?" I said.

"Brandy, Damon, that hoe Rhonda, and Jonathan!" King snapped.

"So!" I said. What I care about them for.

"Naww Starr you ain't getting it. Them four together means no good. I swear if Brandy stupid ass tell them anything about me and mines I'm gone pop her ass!" King snapped. It's like I wanted to talk but it wouldn't come out.

"What?" Was all I managed to get out.

"Yea nigga you heard me. I'm smelling bullshit Starr and it don't smell good. They up to no good!" He snapped.

"Calm down King. We gon-" He cut me off.

"They probably did that to your mom! Know all them is the enemy!" He snapped. Shit I never thought of it like that. Actually it kind of pissed me off.

"Mane King if they killed my mama I swear on Janay and Terry Monroe grave ima kill they ass." I said snatching my shades off. I could feel tears forming in my eyes. Don't cry Starr don't cry. It was too late. Tears started welling down my face. King pulled me into his broad chest. I couldn't do anything but cry.

King POV

I stroked her back as she cried. I hated seeing my friend like this. I'm bout ready to kill a nigga now. She looked up at me with those puffy red eyes.

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