Chapter 6

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King POV

I'm kissing my best friend. Yea she sexy as hell but she still my best friend. I pulled away from her lips.

"What's wrong?" She asked softly.

"This ain't right." I said shaking my head and standing up.

"Nigga what you mean?!" She snapped. I started laughing.

"We suppose to love each other not BE in love with each other." I said rubbing my head out of frustration. I turned my back to her and suddenly felt arms wrap around my waist.

"We still are friends." She whispered so softly. I turned around and held her in my arms. Her head lied softly on my broad chest. I'm gone love this girl now and forever. Even when we die.






I woke up and noticed Starr was up getting dressed. She was looking good in her bleached shorts and Obey shirt. She wore some converse and she was in the process of curling her hair.

"Good morning punk." She said looking at me through the mirror.

"Where you going?" I asked.

"School." She said quickly.

"Hell naw! You lying because you said that too quick. Now I'm gone ask you again. Where you going?" I said gripping her hips from behind. She just giggled.

"Home." She said with a big smile.

"Home?! You serious?!" I said.

"Yea my mom left Damon alone after he hit her and she said she is getting her life right for me." She said bubbly. I don't know if Starr is dumb, stupid, or both! Because right now she sound like a naive teenager.

"You sound dumb as fuck." I said just being straight up with her. She turned and looked at me.

"Dumb? I'm dumb for trying to get along with my mom?" She said walking towards me.

"Naw you dumb for falling for that bullshit. She ain't gone do nothing but hurt you again." I said getting up.

"Just have my stuff packed when I come back later." She snapped and left out the room.

"Where you going?! You ain't got no car!" I yelled as I followed her downstairs.

"I can two legs and two feet." She stormed out the door.

"Don't get fucked over." I called out to her. She just ignored me and kept walking.

Starr POV

Who he think he is calling me dumb?! I am far from that. If anybody is dumb it's him for thinking we could be more than friends. I was so caught up in my thoughts I didn't even notice I stood in front of my house. I saw my mom's car parked in front. I walked up to the door and knocked a couple of times. She came to the door. She looked more upbeat. Her half white half black skin glowed. Her long curly hair hung down her back. Those glossy blue eyes stared at me. Her perfectly full lips formed a smile.

"Mom." I said falling into her arms. This is the mom I remember. Not that drug mother.

"I'm so sorry." She said hugging me tightly. I looked up into her blue eyes and saw the hurt. That's how I knew she really meant it. I walked in and closed the door behind me. To my surprise the house was actually clean for once. As I looked around the house I noticed she stared at the bruises on my arm. I tried to hold myself to cover them up.

"What's that?" She asked softly. I couldn't find the words to say. Do I be honest and just tell her?

"Oh that ain't nothing." I said walking into the living room and sitting down.

"It ain't nothing." She said mimicking me. I kind of figured she wouldn't believe me.

"It's nothing ma." I said getting annoyed.

"Did King hit you?!" She snapped. The hood was coming out of her now.

"Naww King good to me." I said.

"Then what's that cause it aint no new tattoo." She said.

"I saw Jonathan." I said.

"See Starr I told you stop hanging round these drug dealing boys of yours." She said.

"Whatever." I mumbled.

"Come on and get you something to eat. You look skinny." My mom said walking into the kitchen. I look skinny? I always been thin in the waist.

"I ain't that skinny ma." I said following her to the kitchen.

"Well eat anyway." She said pulling out some leftover chicken.

"I don't eat chicken." I reminded her. She looked uncomfortable.

"Oh yea how could I forget that. She said holding her forehead and leaning against the counter.

King POV

I stepped out the shower and got dressed. Ray Ray called me so I'm gone swing round to my trap. I hopped in my truck and took off. I hope Starr aite. I don't trust none of this shit her mama be talking. Janay been a snake every since I could remember. Don't let that pretty face fool you because it's horns coming out her fucking head. I pulled up to my trap and saw my boys out on the porch passing a blunt.

"Sup King." Ray Ray said standing up and giving me a handshake.

"Sup young bloods. What's good?" I said sitting in a chair on the porch.

"Your homeboy stopped by." Roland said blowing out smoke.

"Who the fuck is my homeboy?!" I said suspiciously.

"You remember Jonathan?" Ray Ray said.

"Fuck y'all let him in this yard. Y'all suppose to leave that nigga at the mail box!" I snapped.

"What y'all beefing now or something?" Rj laughed.

"Mane he hit Starr. You know I ain't going for that." I said pulling out my phone and sending her a text. I asked her was she okay.

"Mane y'all need to fuck this best friend shit and gone get together." Ray Ray laughed. I ignored them fools.

"Homeboy wrong for that. Starr don't bother nobody. Now I would understand if it was Brandy." Roland said shaking his head.

"Speaking of Brandy I found that hoe up in MY house all on Jonathan." I said.

"Nigga you ain't expect that?!" Rj snapped.

"Brandy ain't no good." Ray said. I guess I got to cut some people loose. Might as well start with Jonathan bitch ass and Brandy hoe ass.

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