Chapter 36

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Starr POV

Everything went well. Homecoming was successful. Des, Caleb, and I looked great. Our losing ass football team even won their game that night.
Of course my classmates and i turned up that night at the beach! King say i been turning up a lot lately.

Prom was even a success. I went with Caleb because we couldn't take anyone out of school. Yes King was mad but he got over it.

My stomach getting big too! It's been like 6 months now! And I hate being fat!

I looked one last time at myself in the mirror in my cap and gown. Today is graduation day and I am thankful this shit is over.

"Hey baby mama." Des walked up behind me and rubbed my stomach.

"Don't scare me like that! You ready to go?" I asked her.

"Yea baby mama." We grabbed our things and walked downstairs.

"Me and Ray gone be there once he get dress." King said. I nodded and walked out with Des. We got in my whip and swerved off to the school.


It was packed as hell in this parking lot. I sighed and stepped out letting the cold air hit my face.

"Come on girl. It's cold as hell out here!" Des ran off and left me. I could run so I tried speed walking. I entered the back door to the school and went into the math room where the rest of my classmates were.

"Damn y'all. I thought y'all wasn't gone ever come." Caleb walked over to us with his handsome haircut.

"Where your cap at fool!" Des snapped. I laughed. Des snaps at Caleb like he her son. And he lets her talk to him like a damn fool.

"Over on the table Ms. Des." I laughed at these two characters. She pushed him causing him to hit the wall. He burst out laughing and playfully pulled her hair.

"I'm gone miss y'all crazy behinds." I admitted.

"We gone miss you too Starr." Des said grabbed Caleb by the neck.

"Stop choking him." I said. She let him go and rolled her eyes.

"That girl is the devil's daughter I swear!" Caleb said.

"Yea and you my brother!" She rolled her eyes.

"Come on guys line up." Mr. Spallina announced. Everyone got in order by their last names. I stood in front of Caleb.

"This is it." I whispered to myself.

"Yelp it is" Caleb whispered. I looked down at my round stomach. I couldn't even see my feet!

The line started moving. The auditorium was crowded. Damn I never seen so many black folks in one spot! We went and sat in the seats they had put out for us.

Kayla Summers, the smart girl, stood up and took the mic.

"Teachers....students and parents. We welcome you to the graduation of the class of 2014. Right now we would like for you to bow your heads for a moment if silence for our classmates that aren't here." Kayla announced.

I knew she was referring to Brandy and Rhonda. Des cut her eyes over at me slowly. I just looked away.

"Thank you. Now we will proceed with the ceremony." Kayla smiled and stepped off the stage and came back to her seat.

Our principle of the school took the mic.

"At this moment we will call out the scholarships." He said.





Our class if 300 people deep so it is taking forever to get this shit over with!

"Caleb Colton has a full baseball scholarship to UCLA!" I clapped for Caleb. At least he's on a scholarship. I just try my best not to flunk out of school.

"Desiree Jackson has an academic scholarship in the amount of 30,000 dollars to attend UCLA." I stood up and clapped. I had no idea Des was that smart. Now her and Caleb can attend the same college and beat on each other like they usually do.

"And the last scholarship goes to Starr!" He didn't even say my full name, just Starr. I guess they know me because people starting yelling.

"She has an academic scholarship to attend UCLA." He finished off.

"Now we all can go to school together." Caleb smiled next to me.

"Hell yea." I giggled.

Kayla stood up to talk since she was valedictorian of the class. I swear her speech felt like it was an hour long. I started to doze off but Caleb kept pushing me to wake up. When I finally came to my senses our Salutatorian and King for homecoming, Josh Turner was talking. Hid speech was much more funnier because he kept joking.

"Are we turning up after this?" Caleb whispered to me.

"You know it!" I smirked. We stood up as we started to get our diplomas. I was hot in the robe and I just felt like getting naked.

I saw Des walk across the stage and people yelled for her. I could have sworn I heard Ray but I didn't look up.

Soon my name came around. I strutted up on the stage listening to my name being yelled. I shook the principle's hand and took the diploma.

"That's my girl!" I heard King yell causing me to blush.

After that we song out class song, End of the Road by Boyz ll Men. Of course we switched up some words to make it school appropriate. I was just glad when it was over. I stood outside letting the wind hit my curls.

I felt hands wrap around my waist from behind.

"Hey my college girl." King mumbled in my ear. I turned to him smiling.

"Where you been man?!" I hugged him.

"Looking for you." He kissed my lips. I saw Caleb passing by.

"Yo Caleb!" I called. He walked over with a smirk.

"Wassup sister!" He threw his arms around my neck.

"So where your family?" I asked them.

"Girl don't bring them up! I'm trying to run from them crazy folks!" I laughed. Des and Ray walked over.

"Congratulations Starr an you too homie." Ray said referring to Caleb and I.

"Aye preciate it. I got to bounce because I just saw my sister looking for me! Peace!" Caleb ran off.

"So is it official?" Des smiled at me.

"Is what official? You getting a crazy check?" I raised one eye brow.

"Naw! Are you going to UCLA like Caleb and I?" She asked.

"Heck yea! I got a scholarship!" I yelled.

"So are we partying or nah?!" She smirked.

"Yea it's at the beach right?" I asked. She nodded.


"Y'all I'm gone go holler at some other students. I'll catch y'all peeps later." I said before wondering off.

"I just know that ain't my princess Desiree." A voice said. I turned around and saw a man. He was about 6'1. His eyes were dark brown. He had dreads down to his shoulders. He was ripped as if he worked out everyday. I don't know him!

I gave him a confused look.

"Your princess? I dint know you sir." I said sassily. He chuckled deeply.

"I taught you well baby girl." He smiled revealing his perfect white teeth. I was about to walk away but he grabbed my arm.

"Who are you?!" I snapped. He gave me a serious look.

"You really don't remember me?" He sounded kind of sad.

"I'm sorry I don't." I got out his grip and started to walk off.

"I'm your father, Desiree." He spoke. I stopped in my tracks and turned to him. I walked back towards him.

"No you not! My daddy is in prison for murder! And plus he wasn't as muscular as you!" I snapped. Who this nigga think he is trying to say he my daddy?!

"I promise Des." He begged.

"Des?" I asked.

"Yea I started that nickname for you when you was a lil girl. I know you got a birthmark on your right butt cheek. You hate eating chicken unless its boneless. You have low iron. You're afraid to watch scary movies in the dark. You are originally from here but moved to Miami and apparently you came back. You used to call me your hero because anything you needed I was always there for you." He said. He was almost in tears.

"Daddy?" My eyes got watery.

"It's daddy, baby girl." I ran into his arms and hugged him tightly.

"I heard you got a scholarship to UCLA." He smirked.

"Aren't you proud of me daddy?" I felt like a little girl again.

"Of course I'm proud of you Des." He smiled.

"I got some people I want you to meet." I pulled his arm leading him to Starr nem. Caleb was back by time I approached them.

"Guys I want you to meet my father, Quincy Daniels." I said proudly. King gave me a look before looking back at daddy.

"Hey." Starr smiled.

"Wassup." Ray bobbed his head.

Caleb just nodded his head up. King said nothing.

"This is Starr. Thats Caleb. Thats Ray. And you remember my cousin King." I stared at King. He just stared back.

"I remember him." Da said pointing to him.

"Yea I remember you too." King said bluntly.

King POV

How could I not remember the nigga that took my aunt and cousin to Miami just to go to jail and leave them struggling.

"Well I'm about to go Des. It's nice meeting you Mr. Daniels." Starr smiled.

Quincy looked down at her stomach. I swear if he say something I don't like I'm gone steal off his ass.

"You pregnant?" He asked. Starr's smile faded away.

"Yes sir. I didn't mean for it to happen but things happen." She looked like she wanted to cry now. I looked over at Des. She gave me the 'please don't say nothing' look.

"I'm assuming its by my nephew King." He said.

"Nosey much." I heard Caleb mumble and Ray chuckle at his comment.

"Yea it's my baby." I spoke out. I held into Starr's hand.

"Nice." Was all he said.

"Well lets bounce Starr." I said.

"Bye you guys." She said before walking off with me.

"Why the fuck is he even here?" I asked more to myself.

"I don't know but you sure was being mean to him." She laughed.

"You gone drive your car home right?" I asked leaning against her car and pulling her close to me.

"Yea because I'm gonna change then scoop Caleb and Des up so we can hit up that party." She said. I guess I gave her a funny look because she started laughing.

"You ain't tell me you was going to a party." I said.

"You heard me and Des talking about it." She giggled. She roamed her hands up and down my body.

"Stop before you start something out here." I grabbed her hands and put them by her side.

"What if that's what I'm trying to do?" I felt her hand slither down to my belt.

"Girl keep your hands to yourself." I grabbed her hands and put them back by her side. I know I sounded like a female. What man wouldn't want his fine ass fiancé touching on him? I just know its her hormones fucking with her.

"Whyyyy." She groaned.

"Get in the car." I opened her door for her.

"You're no fun King." She said getting in the car and pulling off. She better not be doing wrong tonight either.

Starr POV

I walked in the house and took a quick shower. By time I got out King was sitting on the bed watching TV.

"Why are you in your night clothes? Are you not going anywhere tonight?" I asked.

"Nope and you not either." He said with a oh so straight face.

"What you mean? Me, Des, and Caleb is going to that party." I said putting on lotion and deodorant.

"Naw Starr you pregnant now. You got to let those teenage fantasies go now." He said. I stared at him through the mirror.

"Teenage fantasies? Im only going out with friends, King." I was slick hurt. But I'm not sweating it.

"Yea but you carrying my baby now. I just want you two to be safe." He stood up and wrapped his arms around me.

"I love you Starr." He whispered in my ear. I noticed I had only bra and panties on and instantly got dirty thoughts.

"I love you more Brandon." I smirked.

"Don't call me that!" He pulled away.

"Why not, Brandon?" I laughed.

"Chill out Starr!" He growled. I don't know why he hates that name. I love it!

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and slipped on my black sweater that dipped on one shoulder, black leggings, and black Doc Martens. I put my hair up in a tight bun.

"Why you wearing all that black? You about to rob somebody?" He asked with raised eyebrows.

"Nope. I heard black makes you look skinnier." I said looking at my big pregnant belly.

"Girl you beautiful regardless. Don't let nobody tell you you not." King stroked my chin and smiled.

"I got to go pick Des and Caleb up." I said grabbing my purse and phone.

"When you and Caleb became just friends?" King frowned.

"When me and you made it official." I left out the room without another word.





"Do you even know what beach it is?!" Des said from the passenger's seat.

"I told you to pull up the google map on your phone Starr." Caleb said from the back seat.

"How about the both of you just shut up and let me drive!" I said irritated.

I pulled up to the beach about 10 minutes later.

"About time." Des mumbled.

"Yo ass gone walk next time!" I snapped. We walked into the beach welcomed with loud music, beer bottles, half naked girls, and drunk niggas.

"I feel like going back home." I admitted.

"You are such a party pooper. You wasn't like that a couple months ago." Des frowned.

"We grown now Des. We got to stop our street ways sometime." I told her.

"I knowwww. That's why I'm going to hopefully get Ray to change with me so we won't be like this forever. I have dreams and I promise I want to live them." She confessed. I can see Des being something in life. She is so good with people.

"I would love to be in Major League Baseball." Caleb smiled.

"I can see you doing that. You are so good." I told him.

"Lets party y'all." Des said. We walked deeper into the party.

The sound of Lil Wayne blasted through the beach.

I felt my phone vibrate in my purse. I pulled it out and saw it was Ray.

"Wassup." I answered.

"Starr you got to come quick!" He sounded scared and out of breath.

"Calm down Ray. Now what is it?" I covered the other ear so I could hear him clearly.

"It's King!" He panicked.

"What about King?!" I panicked. Des and Caleb started paying attention to me.

"He been shot multiple times and they not getting a pulse!" That was the last thing I heard before I dropped the phone and saw nothing but black.

The end you guys!!!!

I am going to make a sequel to this story very soon.

Poor Starr!

Poor King!


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