Chapter 4

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Starr POV

I'm so glad the bell rang to go home. I walked out to the front and saw King's black Benz. I strutted over to it and got in.

"What you do all day?" I said.

"Chill." He said pulling off.

"With?" I said curiously.

"Brandy." He said.

"Oh." I said dryly. I ain't gone lie I don't like Brandy and she don't like me. So why stunt?

"Problem?" He said. I just shook my head and slumped down in my seat. I was glad when he turned the radio up breaking the silence.

Tell me again (tell me over and over again) that we'll be lovers and friends.

He quickly turned the radio down. It got uncomfortable all over again. He looked at me in the corner of his eyes.

"What's on your mind?" I said.

"What's on yours?" He asked. We pulled in the yard and got out.

"Everything." I admitted. We walked into the house in silence. I was about to walk upstairs until I felt someone grab my arm. King pulled me into his arms. I ain't even gone stunt I love his touch.

"You know you all I got right?" He said looking down at me with his arms around my petite waist.

"Of course. You my best friend. I love you." I said. A smile formed on his face.

"You think we could be more than that?" He asked.

"More than what?" I asked. I'm a lil confused.

"More than friends." He said heavily. I knew he meant it because whenever he is serious his voice gets heavy.

"I don't know. You tell me." I said. He smiled harder letting me see his dimples. Suddenly we both burst out laughing like a bunch of lil kids.

"Punk." He said.

"Buster." I laughed. And just that quick we were back to friends.

King POV

I love Starr. No doubt. But I think we are friends and friends only. I grabbed her to the back door leading to my pool.

"I got a surprise for you." I said. Her face dropped.

"King I don't want no damn German Shepard like you did last time!" She yelled. I burst out laughed. When she was 15 on her birthday I got her a German Shepard. I didn't know it was gone attack.

"I ain't gone do that no more." I laughed. She just rolled her eyes.

"What is it then?" She said. I pushed open the door revealing Jonathan Rice. He is Starr old boyfriend that moved to Miami. Starr used to be crazy over that fool.

"Jonny!" She screamed as she ran over to him and jumped on him. He hugged her with all his might. They a cute couple. I hope they stay happy together. I think.

Starr POV

Jonathan is like my first everything. He my first love, first kiss, first boyfriend, first boy I took home to my trifling mama, and first boy to love. Until he moved to Miami. I was crushed man. I swear I thought my life was over but I remembered I had a best friend that cared about me.

"Baby you looking good." He said kissing me. His big lips are still soft. His smooth light brown skin, light brown eyes, and long dreads driving me crazy. Lord this boy look better than when we was 16.

"I missed you Jonathan." I said crying in his neck. He held me tightly. I turned around about to say something to King but he wasn't there.

"You don't know how much I missed that voice." He said holding my cheeks.

"Why are you here?" I said excitedly.

"I'm back baby girl." He said with a big smile. I screamed and hugged him tightly. I lead him into the house where I found King sitting on the couch with Brandy. Where this bitch come from. They both looked up at us. Brandy face twisted at me. Ain't nothing about to kill my vibe because my baby is here. We sat on the couch across from them.

"So Jonathan where you gone be at?" I said.

"You know I fucks with South Central." He said. I nodded. Jonathan is tough in these streets. If he tell these niggas to run a lap they would run 50 of them hoes. That's just how much respect he get. Sort of like King.

"Get out the streets Jonathan." I begged.

"You know I can't do that Starr. That's how I get paid baby." He said kissing my cheek.

"Please." I begged even more.

"Naw now lets get off this subject." He sort of snapped. I kind of got sad. He wouldn't even do it for me. I looked at King in the corner of my eyes and he just stared at me with those hazel eyes. It was a long silence.

"You actually like her?!" Brandy said sounding discussed. I could smash this bitch in her face. Now why she always got to say shit.

"King get this bitch under control!" I yelled.

"Who you calling a bitch stupid hoe?!" She shot up out her seat.

"Bitch take a seat!" I shot up.

"Girl calm down." Jonathan said pulling on my arm.

"Naw mane let me go cause this hoe testing me." I said pulling away. Brandy pushed me causing me to fall back on the couch. That's when shit hit the fan. I jumped on that bitch like a crazy person. Jonathan and King tried to drag me off of her. They pulled me all the way to the back door.

"Starr calm yo ass down!" Jonathan snapped.

"Go outside and chill!" King snapped. To my surprise they ran over to Brandy checking on her like she wasn't on the wrong. She the one that started it.

"Fuck all y'all muthafucker!" I snapped as I walked out the door.



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